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DT: come reap

A Dedication

Posted on 2003.20.06 at 11:56
How I feel about it all: restlessrestless
Soundtrack: Billy Joel - I've Loved These Days
*deep breath*

So. It's upon us. It's what we've wanted, what we've asked for, what we've gnashed our teeth in waiting for. But suddenly, with all the expection, come tendrils of fear. We're wibbly. We're more than a little scared. We're not really sure we want this Thing that may change -no- will change our beloved fandom.

But change isn't always bad. I wasn't in the fandom when GoF was released, but I bet there were many of the same feelings. The same omygodwhatif thoughts. The same comeherecomeheregoaway stuff. Yet the fandom survived, and thrived. As it will this time.

Still, it'll be different. Changed forever, as it was then. It's the Not Knowing that's got us in this state. Tomorrow we'll know, and the change will have come. We'll have to rethink everything, write differently, all that crap.

So we have a few more hours in this piece fandom history before we move on to the next. I've had this song running through my mind for days, so I thought I'd post the lyrics, as they seem fitting.

I wish I could say I wrote it, but alas, the lyrics are Billy Joel's.

This dedication goes out to my fandom, and to my boys.

Now we take our time, so nonchalant
And spend our nights so bon vivant
We dress our days in silken robes
The money comes
The money goes
We know it's all a passing phase

We light our lamps for atmosphere
And hang our hopes on chandeliers
We're going wrong, we're gaining weight
We're sleeping long and far too late
And so it's time to change our ways
But I've loved these days

Now as we indulge in things refined
We hide our hearts from harder times
A string of pearls, a foreign car
Oh we can only go so far
On caviar and cabernet

We drown our doubts in dry champagne
And soothe our souls with fine cocaine
I don't know why I even care
We'll get so high and get nowhere
We'll have to change our jaded ways
But I've loved these days

So before we end and then begin
We'll drink a toast to how it's been
A few more hours to be complete
A few more nights on satin sheets
A few more times that I can say
I've loved these days

P.S. I probably won't be watching LJ for oh, a couple of days, but in case I do, no spoilers? Please?

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