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Not a single spoiler in this post

Hi there...I just wanted everyone to know that I have been completely ignoring LJ and will continue to do so for the next few days. Is it that I don't wanna play anymore? Nope. It's just that I'm not finished OotP yet and I'm very very very paranoid about being spoiled. I saw a little girl carrying the book at a yard sale yesterday and I warned her not to say anything. Yep, I'm a lunatic.

I also wanted to let all of you in my beloved godricshollow know that I haven't abandoned you, or my characters. I just can't do anything with the game until I process new canon. I'm not even sure how we're going to run the thing--do we ignore new canon or integrate it? I'm not even far enough through to know the Really Big Things that might or might not happen. RL keeps interrupting my reading (such as the wonderful RI Pride Parade last night, whee!), and as much as I want to do little more than sit and read until I'm done, I can't. *whine* And while I'm not a really slow reader, I'm no Kash speedreader, either.

To my dear wife and GH mod're probably already done (see above strikeout). Call me if you need me. I just can't, can't be on AIM and take the chance that someone will come on to squee or cry or whinge about something I don't know yet (and no, I don't know anything major yet). And I can't RP. Anything. My characters have started bothering me about it, but Grr. I just can't until I'm done. I haven't checked GH, either, so if something is up that one of my chars needs to know about, patchfire, moonlight69, littlealex, y'all have my cell number. Please, please feel free to call me.

I love you all, really, and I'm having a great time reading this book, which so far, IMO, makes my canon favourite POA look like so much chopped liver. JKR is a writing goddess I am astounded so far.

Carry on, loves. I will be back, I promise.
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