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I found some matches from Durango in my pocket, but if I let my heart get sad then I can't stop it

Attention fic writers!

I heartily encourage y'all to go over and take a look at axial_tilt, which is a multifandom fic exchange specifically for PG13-rated fics and below. People are starting to sign up, but there's only one dS writer (well, two, counting me) so far, and NO S&A writers except me (also no B5, X-Files or Dark Tower writers).

So, yeah, the more of those under-represented fandoms that do this, the better (especially you 6-degrees people). dorrie6 is a lovely person, and she'll be a great mod. This isn't an anonymous exchange, so you'll know who your gifter is right away.

patchfire, you should go over and offer some of your lovely CSI: fic. :)

I really like writing PG-13 fic, because sometimes I think it's even more romantic to NOT have the graphic smut. It lends itself to gen, as well, and well-done gen is a wonderful thing.
Tags: axial_tilt, fic exchange, pimpage
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