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I like a woman with a big vocabulary and every single little comma in place

topaz7 wins everything in the world for this icon. It made my decade, at least.

Also, melpemone, much with the yay, for everything worked (including my DL manager)! All is good. So good, in fact that I wrote a review on IMDB (which hasn't showed up yet). I can't imagine they won't approve it, since the last review was posted three years ago, and most of the reviews on the site suck. *g*

I love Maury Chaykin thiiiiis much, even when he's all psychopathic and evil. I could go on and on and on about how much I loved this film. Loved, as in the same way I loved Silence of the Lambs, but still, OMG, yes.

ETA: My review is up! I think this is the direct link. The ones in the comments aren't, I find. Alas, earwaxI'm so psyched, I feel like a published author. *g*
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