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1. Describe in five words or less how you feel about Order of the Phoenix.
Best canon so far.

2. What are your feelings on Harry's personality? Do you think he is overly cynical, depressed, etc. . . .?
Harry has changed exactly the way I hoped he would after the Triwizard Tournament. He's darker, angrier, and quite fed up with people thinking he should act just the way he always has. He's seen death, and because of it, can see more than just the thestrals. It's a whole attitude shift for Harry. It's also very cool that JKR's kept him completely in character while he's going through all these changes. He's still clueless about plenty of things.

3. Do you think Order of the Phoenix is appropriate for children 13 and younger? Why or why not?
Definitely depends on the kid. Some could handle it, some couldn't. It depends on their emotional maturity.

4. List your five most hated characters (either in Book 5 or the whole series, non-humans can be included).
1. Umbridge
2. Lucius Malfoy
3. Fudge
4. Bellatrix Lestrange
5. Umbridge (yeah I wrote her twice. She deserves it.)

5. Percy turned away from his family. Will he come crawling back to them now or . . .?
The jury's still out on Percy. I hope he comes back, but in some ways, he's like Draco. He wants power (although in a different way than Draco); he may end up taking whatever path that will bring it to him.

6. What did you think of the new DADA's punishment? Why didn't Harry nor Lee complain?
Harry was afraid of Dumbledore's reaction, because Dumbledore hadn't been speaking to or even looking at Harry. He also was making the detentions into a kind of power struggle with Umbridge. Yeah, he could have gone to McGonagall, but he's fifteen and stupid sometimes. Lee might have complained, but at that point, there wasn't anything anyone could do.

7. What do you think of James and Lily now?
I like them even more, especially James. It's really nice to see that Harry's parents weren't perfect. It makes them more human. James was a little showoff brat and a bit of a bully. *smirks* There is that old adage that a person falls in love with someone most like his or her parents. Ahem. Yes.

8. Has your opinion (which is probably not too good) of Petunia Dursley changed? If yes, how so? I still don't like Petunia, but seeing her get a little backstory is cool. She runs deeper than I'd thought. I'd love to see her childhood with Lily brought up. Maybe she's not just afraid of magic; maybe there was some tragic/awful/angry event that caused her and Lily to split. Who knows, maybe she was in love with James. *g* The best thing about Petunia, is while Vernon was perfectly happy to let Harry go off and possibly die, Petunia didn't allow that. And I don't think it's just because Dumbledore sent the Howler, either. Petunia doesn't like Harry, that's obvious, but he's family, and it seems that there's a bit of family loyalty still left in her heart.

9. What's the meaning of Snape's nickname in your opinion? It's just an awful bastardization of "Severus". No deep meaning.

10. What do you think of the character death? Do you think s/he will return? I think Harry will speak with Sirius again, but not in any corporeal form. Sirius is "beyond the veil", and that's that. But I do think that Harry will have another conversation with him, somehow.

11. Do you think fanfiction will be hurt by Book 5? Do you see any new pairings arising? Do you see any huge ships falling apart?
Fanfiction will survive and flourish. The old pairings will stay (yes, even that one!), and new ones will turn up. *waves Ron/Zacharias flag*
This book is so rich in detail, that it's bound to conjure a million bunnies.

12. What was your favourite chapter in Order of the Phoenix? Why?
I don't have the book in front of me to pick one. The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black was the first one I really glommed onto, because how cool is it that Sirius and Narcissa are cousins?

13. Talk about Fred and George's "flight."
I was cheering with Fred and George all the way. Go them!

14. Give some thoughts on Ron.
Well, for one thing, I really thought he'd snuffed it for a minute there. But basically, I really see in this book how Ron doesn't have the emotional maturity of Harry and Hermione. I think they both love him, but kind of like a younger brother. Harry and Hermione are very close; I think they've grown even closer now (platonically, though. I'm not getting any H/Hr vibes from OotP). Ron just doesn't have the depth to understand what they do. They love him nonetheless, and he loves them. I love him, too. *g*

15. What did you think of Dumbledore's explanation?
I thought we already knew that Harry would have to kill Voldemort. *shrug* I do like that Dumbledore is recognising his own failings and admitting his humanity. And the stuff about Neville? Way cool.

16. Do you feel satisfied by this book?
Yeah. I was afraid that it would be business as usual. But people changed after GoF, as they had to. I'm also crushing on Harry, more than usual. He's just so...*sigh* He brings out my inner teenager. Harry's becoming beautiful. In such a dark and wonderful way.

17. How anxious are you now for Book 6?
I really want to see the fandom have some time with book 5 first. Yeah, I'd read Draco Malfoy and the Redemption of Slytherin another book if it were available, but I'm glad it's not the case, because the fandom needs time to process.
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