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I'm linking these files from songdog's computer so I can download them to Cuthbert when I get home.
She's got a kickass bunch of music, so every time I visit I try to grab some. Take any or all of em, you guys. Knock yourselves out.

I started out using yousendit, but it went FUBAR on me, so I switched to Sendspace, which I like better, anyway.

Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes
Alanis Morissette - Hand In My Pocket
The Archies - Sugar, Sugar

Barry Manilow - Bandstand Boogie
Barry Manilow - Daybreak
Barry Manilow - Jump Shout Boogie

Beach Boys - Sail On Sailor
Bee Gees - Words
Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride
Blues Traveler - Runaround

Bobby Sherman - Easy Come, Easy Go
Bobby Sherman - Hey Mister Sun
Bobby Sherman - La La La (If I Had You)
Bobby Sherman - Little Woman

Brian Setzer - Jump, Jive And Wail
Brotherhood of Man - United We Stand
Dave Matthews Band - Big Eyed Fish
Ink Spots - That Cat Is High

Jackson Browne - Jamaica Say You Will
Jackson Browne - The Pretender

Also, I'm going to respond with meme answers to everyone who asked me, never fear. :)

Also #2, Mediafire is going to be deleting all uploaded files over 100 mb. on 12 Feb. at noon. I have a couple sitting up there, so I thought I'd offer them here in case anyone wants them. It seems a shame not to. Now I need to find another program that will let me upload really big files. *sigh*

Buried on Sunday

IMDB info here. I've uploaded this before, but I can't remember which fileshare program I used. :/

Due South Pilot

No, I'm not posting this one specifically to entice topaz7 over to the Dark Side. Whyever would anyone think that? *beatific smile*

ETA: scriggle and dragonflymuse, I got your packages! Yay! Thank you so much, m'dears. :)
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