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...and now for another episode of When Apples Met Oranges, starring Tom Hanks and Paul Gross.

I'm ecstatic (and very unsurprised) that Slings & Arrows is getting yet another rave review.

But, um.

The main player in ``Slings'' is actor-turned-director Geoffrey Tennant (Paul Gross, a Canadian Tom Hanks best known in this country for the TV cult claassic ``Due South''), who became interim artistic director of the festival....

I really like Tom Hanks (Philadelphia is one of my very, very favourite movies in the world). Very talented guy, and from everything I've heard, a very nice guy. But he and Paul Gross are nothing alike (aside from being talented and, hopefully, nice). Their acting styles are completely different, they don't look anything alike, they don't sound anything alike. WTF? It's also a bad way to promote the series, because not everyone likes Tom Hanks. Not to mention that Tom Hanks as Geoffrey makes me wince a little, no matter how much I like him as an actor. To be fair, Paul Gross as Forrest Gump makes me wince a lot.

Original article is here, but I'm not sure if it's accessible without signing up.

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