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So I spent last night at the Green Mountain Inn in Stowe, VT, while mr_t00by visits Johnson State College. I'm getting an AAA discount, so I'm not paying full price, which is good. I'm comfortable and warm and I got to take a nice hot bath, but the utter tweeness of the place is pretty overwelming. There are STENCILS OF BIRDS AND FLOWERS AND FRUIT ON THE WALLS. EURGH. Also the canopy bed and the oh-so-New-England muted burgandies and cadet blues, and the little shelves with books nobody ever reads (um. Readers' Digest condensed books? Come ON, people). But yay complimentary wifi!

Good things about being in upstate VT:

  • Mountains and snow and old covered bridges (which are kind of scary to drive over).
  • Chocolate Strawberry dessert martini. Yum.
  • Yay complimentary wifi! I didn't even know until now that my laptop (which used to be mr_t00by's laptop) could do wireless.

Mneh things about being in Upstate VT:

  • It apparently snowed last night, and I'm not good at driving in snow. It doesn't look like a lot, but still. Eep.
  • I didn't bring a toothbrush.
  • I think the guy at the front desk is fake. He's very courteous but sorta vacant.
  • The inn is trying waaay to hard to be quaint. See above for OMG STENCILS OF BIRDS AND FLOWERS AND FRUIT. Dude. There are two pseudo-Amish birds stenciled on the wall behind me. I had to sleep under birds made of paint.
  • etalk is as annoying as Entertainment Tonight (although peacey might want to know that Gerard Butler was featured on etalk, and also Canada AM, which is just as annoying as The Today Show). But really, I don't care if Jake Gyllenhall and Reese Witherspoon make a good couple.
  • I have no time to do anything because I'm away from home so much these days. Tomorrow I'm bringing my mother home to Block Island (which is a good thing) and I'll be staying overnight at least, then I have to work Sunday to make up for not working Friday.
  • For reasons that I can't be arsed to explore at this juncture, my bright idea to hey! wander around southern Québec didn't happen. Not that I was jonesing to go to Québec anyway, but still. There might have been a bookstore. With a section on politics. *cries* My inner dork is NOT pleased, not at all. blrgh.

Oh, and patchfire, take a look at this! I haven't read it yet. At first brief glance, it looks good except for some minor punctuation/quotes errors.
Tags: general bullet list obsessiveness, isaac, rl, travel

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