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  • I have a headache, and my stomach is a little icky. I guess I can't drink Tangueray and tonic anymore. (note to self: going out after work, when said work ends at 11:30 p.m. isn't a good idea in general, y0.)

  • omphale23 wrote fic There's one by me, too (Caroline/Bob, go figure). Also a lovely Harry/Draco by patchfire, and lots of other wonderfulness. And it's all PG-13 or less. Head over to axial_tilt and peruse the cool. dorrie6 is a genius for thinking it all up.

  • So this guy on wrote a quiz with lots of trivia and such about Canada, so I figured, sure, okay, what the hell. My answers, the actual answers, and a bunch of (sometimes) snarky comments are :

    The guy who did the test said it was okay to Google, but I didn't so I'd actually know if I knew stuff.

    Part A: Government and Politics…

    1. (1 mark) True or False: Canada is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy under the Commonwealth of Nations, an association of independent sovereign states, almost all of which are former territories of the British Empire.

    ANSWER: True (although I'd just read about the whole constitutional monarchy thing before answering, or I'd have said false).

    2. (1 mark) Who is Canada’s Head of State? Is it:

    a. The Governor General?
    b. The Prime Minister?
    c. The President?
    d. The Queen of England?
    e. Tony Robbins? Or
    f. None of the above.

    ANSWER: d. Although the (US) President probably thinks he is.

    3. (1 mark) Who represents Canada’s Head of State in Canada? Is it:

    a. The Governor General?
    b. The Premier?
    c. The Prime Minister?
    d. The House of Lords?
    e. Tony Robbins’s Sister? or
    f. None of the above?

    ANSWER: a.

    4. (1 mark) Name at least one Canadian who has served as Governor General.

    ANSWER: Michelle Jean (I'm probably spelling it wrong)

    Yep, I did spell it wrong. The correct spelling is Michaëlle Jean. Pretty name. She's very pretty, too, and I love her accent.

    5. (1 mark) Who is the Head of Government? Is it…

    a. The leader of the party with the most support in Parliament?
    b. The Premier?
    c. The Prime Minister?
    d. Tony Robbins?
    e. Both A and C above? Or
    f. None of the above?

    ANSWER: c.

    It's actually e: Both A and C. Which is still cool because I couldn't decide between them, but I thought e. was, erm. More right? Doesn't make me less wrong, though.

    6. (2 marks) Name at least two Canadian Prime Ministers.

    Stephen Harper
    Paul Martin
    Jean Chretien (sp?)
    Brian Mulroney
    Pierre Trudeau
    Tommy Douglas
    Lester B. Pearson
    John Diefenbaker
    John A. MacDonald
    I can't remember the woman's name who was PM for like, a second and a half. Okay, a few weeks. :)

    7. (1 mark) True or False: Canada has a national political party devoted to breaking up the country by having one of the provinces separate from Canada to form its own independent nation, and this political party has even served in the capacity of her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

    ANSWER: True.

    I had the answer right, but the party wrong. It's the Bloc, not the PQ. I suck at Québec.

    8. (1 mark) True or False: Canada is so unimportant on the International stage, that it doesn’t even have its own listing on Wikipedia.

    ANSWER: I have no idea, but I'll go with False.

    9. (1 mark) True or False: Epinions has a section for writing Epinions about Canadian post secondary institutions (such as Universities and Colleges).

    ANSWER: True. Whatever.

    Part B: Economics...

    10. (2 marks) True or False: The province of Alberta is the only province or state in Canada that no longer has any accumulated debt of any kind.

    ANSWER: I know Alberta is solvent (all that oil!) so I'll say True.

    11. (2 marks) True or False: Canadian money is multicoloured.

    ANSWER: True, although this may be a trick question.

    12. (2 marks) Canada has a one dollar coin which is commonly known as:

    a. The silver beaver.
    b. The dollar.
    c. The golden smelty.
    d. The Loonie. or
    e. The dollar.

    ANSWER:d. I remember the first time I heard one-and two-dollar coins called Loonies and Toonies I thought it was an amusing Cape Breton colloquialism (they have hundreds, and I was actually there at the time, and the woman I was with was a Caper born and bred, so it's not like it was a far-fetched thought, and this sentence is way too long even if it wasn't inside parentheses).

    13. (2 marks) What is the approximate current exchange rate of the Canadian dollar to the US dollar? That is, answer this question: $1 Canadian Dollar is worth $____ US (if you absolutely have to look this one up to maintain a perfect score, then I will allow you to).

    ANSWER: Oh, about 86 cents.

    As of today, it's $0.864356. Damn close, dude.

    14. (2 marks) What is the name of the trade agreement linking Canada, the United States and Mexico that came into effect on January 1, 1994? Is it…

    a. The Canada / US / Mexico Free Trade Agreement (CUMTA)
    b. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
    c. The Continental Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)
    d. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

    ANSWER: NAFTA, aka The Treaty that Made American CEOs Rich(er). Well, okay, it's not called that, but um.

    Part C: Geography

    15. (4 marks) Where is Canada? Is it…

    a. North of the United States of America, but somewhat South of (or right next door to) Alaska and also kind of below / next to Greenland?
    b. South of the United States of America, but North of South America (you know, somewhere around where Mexico is)?
    c. In Europe?
    d. In Africa?
    e. All of the above?
    f. Other? Please describe.

    ANSWER: a. You're kidding, right?

    16. (1 mark) True or False: Canada is a barren, desolate wasteland of frozen land where it snows all the time, and it’s only light for a few hours each day, with winter lasting 8 months of the year?

    ANSWER: False, unless you're talking up near the pole, then it's close, I guess.

    17. (1 mark) True or False: Mount Logan, in the Yukon Territories, is the highest mountain in Canada at 5,959 m above sea level.

    ANSWER: I suck at these questions. True. Wild guess. I don't even know what the highest mountain in the US is. And isn't it the Yukon Territory?

    18. (1 mark) True or False: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is located on the East Coast of Canada, one of the last large cities before you venture across the Atlantic Ocean.

    ANSWER: You mean as opposed to some other Vancouver, British Columbia that's not in Canada?

    Um, False. Unless you've got geographical dyslexia or are looking in the world's biggest mirror. And even then, um. False.

    19. (1 mark) True or False: The province of Newfoundland is on the West Coast of Canada, just below Alaska, on the doorstep of the Pacific Ocean.

    ANSWER: There are people who would think this? False. And it's Newfoundland and Labrador, dude.

    20. (39 marks) Visit this site now and tell us your score out of a maximum point level of 39:

    ANSWER: My score out of 39 was: 39.

    21. (1 mark) True or False: It always rains in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    ANSWER: No, because if it were true, topaz7 would be way cranky.

    22. (1 mark) Name at least two Canadian Provinces and / or Territories.

    ANSWER: Provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia.

    Territories: Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories (why is this plural, does anyone know?), Nunavut.

    23. (1 mark) One of our provinces has large oil reserves. Do you know which one? Name it now.

    ANSWER: Alberta. Which is why it's solvent.

    24. (10 marks) Have you ever visited Canada? If yes, where? If no, why not? Describe the geography of your favourite Canadian location.

    ANSWER: Yes. London, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Do I really have to go into a schpiel about how it's all hilly and rocky and the mountains touch the ocean and when it's snowing it's like a postcard and in winter there's ice in the harbours and the air smells like the coal everyone burns and salt and once croosa went swimming on Jan. 1? No? Okay. then.

    Part D: Entertainment, Sports & Culture…

    25. (5 marks) Can you name any comedians from Canada? If so, who are they? Please list any that come to mind right now and describe what influence they have had on your life.

    ANSWER: Does Rick Mercer count? And why would a comedian randomly have influence on my life? Well, Colin Mochrie, but he's my sekrit lover he doesn't count. Red Green does, though, right? And Hughie and Allan, the old Cape Breton version of Bert and I. I know, you want me to say Jim Carrey. I don't think he's Canadian anymore. He doesn't think he is, either, I bet.

    26. (5 marks) Can you name any Canadian actors? If so, who are they? Please list any that come to mind right now and list any of their works that you really, really like and hold dear to your heart.

    ANSWER: I'll try to limit it to one work each. Alphabetical order:
    Martha Burns: Slings & Arrows
    Colm Fiore: I haven't seen much of his stuff. I own Trudeau, does that count? Eventually I'll watch it.
    Paul Gross: Since S&A is taken, I'll go with H2O. And that one that needs to be made if Canada knows what's good for it.
    Don McKellar: Last Night.
    Molly Parker: Paris or Somewhere
    Gordon Pinsent: due South, and any time I see him anywhere, because he makes me smile.
    Callum Keith Rennie: Falling Angels.

    I don't feel like listing any more. The question says "any". *wins*

    27. (5 marks) Can you name any Canadian musicians? If so, who are they? Please list any that come to mind right now and list any of their works that you really, really like and hold dear to your heart.

    ANSWER: The Rankins, J.P. Cormier, Natalie MacMaster, Ashley MacIsaac, Sarah McLachlan, Stan Rogers, Hugh Dillon, Gord Downie, Bruce Guthro (Yeah, I know, Celine Dion and Shania Twain. I don't feel like mentioning them. Oh, wait.). I'd list works, but that would mean I'd have to post songfiles, and I really am too wiped.

    wtf, I didn't mention Alanis. *headdesk* wtf#2, I didn't mention k.d. lang, either. I really suck.

    28. (5 marks) Finally, can you name any Canadian movie directors? If so, who? Please list any that come to mind right now and list any of their works that you really, really like and hold dear to your heart.

    ANSWER: Don McKellar, Atom Egoyan, Paul Gross, Paul Haggis, Daniel MacIvor. I like all sorts of their stuff (well, except I dunno if I've seen anything by Mr. Egoyan, I just know who he is). Also, this is "finally?" There's a bunch of questions left!

    29. (3 marks) Which set of the following TV shows have been filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada?

    a. The 4400, Airwolf, Andromeda, Battlestar Gallactica (the new, re-imagined series), Dead Like Me, The Dead Zone, Sliders, Smallville, Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Steven Spielberg Presents: Taken

    b. The X-Files, Millennium, Harsh Realm & The Lone Gunman, The Beachcombers, Danger Bay

    c. 21 Jump Street, The L-Word, MacGyver, Monk, Neon Rider

    d. All of the above.

    ANSWER: d.

    30. (1 mark) True or False: The Vancouver, British Columbia region has the third highest levels of film and television productions in North America, outside New York City which is number two, which is behind Southern California which has the highest level of film and television production in North America.

    ANSWER: I'll say true. I think I'm right.

    31. (4 marks) Can you name any Canadian Hockey teams that are members of the NHL? Can you name any Basketball teams that are members of the NBA? Please list any that come to mind right now.

    ANSWER: Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens. I can't name any team besides the Celtics that are members of the NBA, because I hate the NBA. If the question was about baseball, I'd do better, and not just because there's um, one Canadian MLB team.

    32. (1 mark) True or false: Wayne Gretzky is Canadian.

    ANSWER: I'll say True, but I don't know if Mr. Gretzky was born in Canada.

    He was. Yay, new trivia.

    33. (1 mark) Name at least one Canadian beer or beer producer.

    ANSWER: Molson, Labatt's

    Part E: General Knowledge…

    34. (10 marks) Do you remember when you first heard or learned about Canada? Can you describe this time? Can you describe what you first learned about Canada? Please discuss your thoughts and feelings about your first recollections of Canada now.

    ANSWER: When I first heard of Canada? I have no idea; probably somewhere in childhood. My great-grandmother was from NS, which is probably what I first learned about Canada. I don't recall thoughts and/or feelings because I was, liek, four.

    35. (3 marks) What colours are on the Canadian flag? What image or symbol is also pictured on the flag? Please describe the flag now.

    ANSWER: 1: Red and white. 2: Maple leaf.

    I was supposed to say 3.that there are red stripes on the top and bottom. There are red stripes on the top and bottom. There, I've said it. I feel so much better now. Did I mention all that white in the middle? No? Well, now I have.

    36. (2 marks) True or False: The United States is Canada’s largest trading partner.

    ANSWER: True.

    37. (1 mark) True or False: Canada has two official languages: English and French.

    ANSWER: True.

    38. (1 mark) Which animal is an official emblem of Canada? Is it…

    a. The beaver?
    b. The moose?
    c. The Polar Bear? Or
    d. William Shatner?

    ANSWER: a. Although, d. would be funny. Bill Shatner might like being on currency, maybe. :)

    39. (8 marks) Do you know any Canadians? What are they like? How long have you known them? Why do you know them? Please describe your relationship to them now.

    ANSWER: I know a lot of people, and some of them are Canadians. They're like, people. My relationships depend on other factors than someone's country of origin, sorry.

    40. (9 marks) Describe your feelings toward Canada. What do you think of Canada as a nation? How do you feel you did on this quiz? Do quizzes like this really matter when it comes to rating how Americans feel about their neighbours?

    ANSWER: I could answer the first two questions, and then if I ever go for the old Ph.D, I'd have good head start on a dissertation. I'm too lazy for that. Read my LJ. I think I did pretty well, thanks. I don't think online quizzes matter a rats arse, really. This one's better than "What Sandwich Meat Are You?", or "What Buffy Character's Hair Are You?" though.

    41. (1 mark) Finally, the very last question... Where are you from (City/Town, State/Province, Country)?

    ANSWER: I live in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and I'm from Wilmington, Massachusetts. Both USA.

  • Two good reasons not to induce labour: It's mostly unnecessary, and studies are showing that it could cause autism.

  • Sir Elton turned 60 two days ago, and I forgot to mention it. Happy belated, dear one. I remembered, I just didn't say anything. Not that you care. Or will ever read this. Or that I'll get any dorkier than I am right now.

  • muskratjamboree this weekend! Whatever will I wear? Time to go shopping for clothes, I think. You have no idea how out of character it is for me to say that. Especially since I'm thinking of going to the mall. *wince*

  • AHAHAHAA. This is the Aussie version of Talking to Americans, only worse, because the questions are actually about America. And yeah, I know that they didn't show the people who got the answers right, but the fact that there are people that don't know this stuff is really, really sad.

  • And now for another episode of Geekier Than Ever: Primrose achieves YouTube, or Why You Ahould See H2o, Liek, Right Now:

    If I can do this, I can learn to vid, I know I can.

  • h20_wtf is still more fun than a barrel of Poli Sci majors. Wasting time has never been more obsessively dorky intellectual.

  • peacey, I owe you an email. Forthcoming, m'dear, most likely after work.

  • bjohan57 gave me prezzies. How cool is this, and how hard does she rock? Very, and like, woah.

  • The backs of my hands look like they're ninety. What can I do to make them at least look the same age as me? Not that anyone looks at them, because they're too busy checking out how far I've bitten my nails down today.

  • And finally, finally. I still don't like Ian Paisley, but this is very, very good news.
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