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DT: come reap

when I turn 'round you're there, should I ask for more?

Posted on 2007.05.04 at 00:45
How I feel about it all: okayokay
Soundtrack: Elton John - Sugar on the Floor
Yay, more ficcage for ds_aprilfools. :)

I'm only a day behind, which for me is a kind of miracle. This one's just a snippet, and I didn't write and post the same day, but it counts, since the rules seem flexible over there.

Tangles (Fraser, OFC, kidfic, snippet, G)


eltonroo at 2007-04-06 15:56 (UTC) ()
Okay you are the only other person I know who has even heard of Sugar on the Floor. I had it as the B side to some single in the 1970s.
I used to love finding obscure B sides --which is how I first discovered the piano version of Skyline Pidgeon, and Sick City, and Young Man's Blues, and so on...
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-04-06 16:14 (UTC) ()
It was the B side to "Island Girl" (I had to look that one up). It's one of my favourites, actually, despite the fact that the Twins didn't write it (Kiki Dee did). It's Elton doing Ray Charles, what's not to love? *g*

B-sides are great. That's how I found all those ones you mentioned, and also "Snow Queen", which is my other favourite B-side song.

I knew the piano version of Skyline Pigeon a long time before I knew the original one with the harpsichord, because I had the "Daniel" 45 way before I bought Empty Sky. I think I heard it on the radio even before I bought the album, though (we had a station in Boston that played two hours of Elton every week, I think on Tuesdays).
eltonroo at 2007-04-06 21:49 (UTC) ()
and who could forget One Day At A Time with John Lennon.
And I just remembered one of my other all time favourties -- It's Me That You Need (circa 1969).
And god bless that Boston Radio station!!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-04-07 08:19 (UTC) ()
It was WBZ-FM, my lifeline when I was a teenager. Also WCOZ, which actually played "Snow Queen" in regular air play, which no other station I've ever heard of did.

And yes, One Day at a Time, OMG, such a gorgeous song.
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