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do you wanna be a poet, do you wanna be my string? You could be anything

For some odd reason, there's a fireworks display outside my window. Well, okay, not immediately outside my window, but close enough for me to see it, so Pawtucket or Central Falls or North Providence (I have no idea which because I have no sense of direction whatsoever). Did I miss a holiday? (Hmm, it's stopped now. It only lasted about a half-hour, I wonder what it actually was. Tomorrow is i_am_a_hannah's birthday, so maybe that's it. :) )

Also, I spent the day with my mom, taking her to the cardiologist and the DMV and shopping, and she's really doing fine. The doc's cutting her lisinopril dosage in half, and is considering cutting it out altogether. Yay for one less med! She's also not showing any signs of being short of breath anymore. When I used to go shopping with her, she'd have to keep stopping to catch her breath, and she doesn't now. She says she's tired, but that's it, and my guess is most of her tiredness is the eleventy-million other meds she's on. Since this was what her surgery was supposed to accomplish (not being SOB, not her being tired), I'd say it worked. :) The doc also said she could drive again, and she's very happy for that, because she hates not being independent. So, yay, everything seems to be going along nicely. :D

In other news, I'm having minor writers' block, and I obviously won't get my ds_aprilfools table done in April. I am planning on finishing it, though, 'cause it's fun and I should be able to write again soon. My blocks don't last very long, thankfully. I'm going to work through this one by a. cleaning my room, b. Doing more research for the Barrett's Privateers story, and c. Making a rough outline of the kidfic. Not necessarily in that order, 'cause I'm lazy and hate cleaning my room.

In still other news, Ellen is back from the car hospital, and is also doing quite nicely. She has brand-y new brake rotors and pads, and a new temperature sensor for the engine, which it looks like will help her in going up hills better. The old one wasn't working. No wonder the poor thing didn't want to go up hills. Her engine sounds great, now. Yay. She's been behaving since she came home. Al the mechanic is a nice guy, and she had Bucky with her the entire time (I found him at the Salvation Army and was going to keep him, but decided Ellen needed company. Yes, I'm odd).

In conclusion, Paul Gross with a mullet:

omphale23 has labelled the hairstyle the Paullet (in the same post where, I might add, she also commits Aspen Extreme fic). I haven't sufficient words to thank her for either of these things. I am not worthy.
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