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gonna walk away from trouble with my head held high, then look closer, you'll see luck in my eyes

  • If someone doesn't use this in some sort of crackfic, it'll be a crying shame.

    • Oh, and speaking of fic:

      Moments by Veronamay. She says it's "mostly gen"; I think it's a little more complex than that. And gods, it's gorgeous.

  • Paul Gross needs a blog. No, really, he does. Think about it this way: Neil Gaiman is this intelligent, outspoken, enthusiastic guy. He has a million ideas in his head and he likes to talk about them, so he uses his blog to do just that. If it works for Neil, why wouldn't it work for Paul, who's also an intelligent, outspoken guy with a million ideas in his head that he likes to talk about? Hey, I'd read it. He could call it "A Bizarre Unholy Collision Between Art and Commerce" (accessible at bucbac dot com).

  • While we're on the (semi) subject, I realised earlier that in yesterday's post I linked to a picture of Stephen Harper in a cowboy Hat (this picture just had to have been taken during a campaign trip to Alberta).

    • Now. Willie Nelson is much more of a cowboy than sai Harper will ever be, so he deserves to be showcased in a hat, as well:

    • Also, Paul Gross looks better in a cowboy hat than Harper, and was actually born in Alberta:

    • He also makes a prettier PM:

  • patchfire and peacey: I'll be around tomorrow evening for Holiday Plan Discussion.
Tags: cowboy!stephen harper, fic, fic rec, kash, missy, paul gross, random, weird willie nelson references
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