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call you all 'cross country mile; you know it's the way of the world.

  • Come Wednesday, I'll be the owner of a souped-up version of one of these. I'm deliriously pleased.

  • I'd forgotten what a great site this is. The hate mail is pathetically amusing (one letter says, "I think u should die u stupid geek"). Yeah, that sentiment is full of love and non-fascism, buddy). The writers are barking up the wrong tree here (semi-pun not intended).

    I've always thought that the way to diffuse fear/hatred about something is to laugh at it. Riddikulus, anyone? I actually had a kitler when I was growing up. She lived a good long time. Here's what she looked like:

    Also, patchfire, this little guy needs an emergency home (foster or other) to save his life. Do you know anyone in the area? How difficult would it be to get there for you, timewise? It could be an Educational Experience for G.

  • Speaking of Riddikulus, did you know that Karl Rove is a Boggart? If we all learn the Riddikulus spell, we can neutralize him in no time! topaz7 no doubt will be relieved at this given her theory that the reason we don't hear much about Rove these days is because he's hiding in Canada. No doubt co-operating with the Gay Cabal there. Next thing you know he'll be taking up curling. That's Karl for ya. He raps, he sweeps.

  • I spent a couple days on Block Island, and took pictures!

    Doesn't my mom look great?

    It's strange how much these beach shots from Block Island:

    look like these from Cape Breton:

    And this roadside picture:

    looks like this one:

    I mean, y'know, since there's a distance of oh, 900 miles between the two places.

    I'll post a bunch more when I feel so inclined. I still can't upload pictures from my camera to my computer, but when I get my laptop I'll be able to. I'm also planning on getting Cuthbert fixed so I can rip movies here again and watch 'em on the big monitor.

  • You want to see some heroes? The parents in this piece, and their kids, are real ones. Do yourselves a favour and watch all five parts:

    20/20: My Secret Self.

    All the parenting books, all the groups and the tips and the paraphernalia that go along with raising kids are only window dressing. What's most important is that you love your kids unconditionally, and that you tell them that you do, and show them. Every. Single. Day.

  • I've decided that the first languages I'm going to learn from my long list of languages I want to learn are French and German. Mostly because I have a German-speaking son and French-speaking daughter, and they can tell me if I'm doing the accent right. Also because they're pretty languages that aren't exactly alike.

    So off I go to find distance learning courses online. The first one I come to has this helpful information Um? If I'm trying to find a course to learn French, it's kind of obvious I'm not going to be able to read this, since I haven't taken the course yet. *headdesk* Oh, well. It's not like I'm planning to move to Québec, or anything. Mais non, mes amis. I think I'm going to go through Athabasca University, since I'm actually registered there and have yet to take a single course (and how cool is it that I can say I'm taking a course at a uni with the acronym AU?)

  • inmemoriam wants to have a party. I'm not sure, but I think she'd like me to bring everyone in America to help celebrate. I'll try my best, but I'm leaving a whole bunch of people from Washington, DC. off the list. Also, I'm gonna need a bigger car, because I don't think I can fit 302 million-ish people into my Jetta. I can spring for some local wine, though.

  • I want to see this so much that I'm considering taking the train to New York to do it. I've heard it's going to be expanding to more US theatres, so maybe it'll come to Boston. If it doesn't, I really might go to NY. It's a reason to go on the train, after all. I love the train. :) And the story sounds wonderful. Not to mention the cast, the director, the producer. I just. Guh.

  • You know you're bored/lethargic/lazy/procrastinating/tuning out life when you spend actual time reading AND COMMENTING on IMDB message boards. I think I've brought dorkiness to a whole new level.

  • I'm terribly obsessed with Sirius Radio. I mean, just look at all the news channels. TWO NPRs, BBC, CBC, CNN, holy shit. Also a bunch of music stuff. I'm in love, seriously. I have the plug and play radio. Mine looks like this, which is different than any I see on the Sirius site. I'm going to get the boombox when I have more money, and then maybe something like this later on. *geeks out*

    In case anyone was wondering, Bucky (he came with the name. Shut up.) belongs to Ellen (seen here at Westerly Airport, embarrassingly in need of a bath)

  • I live next door to the Pawtucket version of the Vecchio family. It's not so bad in the winter, but in spring and summer my windows are open and they usually come out of their house at some ungodly hour (like ten o'clock) and start yelling. Even when they're not yelling, they have these loud voices. It's not terrible, abusive yelling, it's just a loud, large family who argues a lot. Two minutes later they're all happy and laughing. Really. Loudly. I can't sleep in mornings anymore. *sigh* And *looks at time* now it's the middle of the night and they're still out talking. If they mention Polenta I'm calling a shrink. For me.
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