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DT: come reap
Posted on 2007.22.05 at 14:34


peacey at 2007-05-23 15:07 (UTC) ()
Alexi, baby. One, two three, go!

You know, just a couple weeks ago I too cleaned out my closets. Many, many things went to a consignment shop (yay, too big now!), but I found one little gem that I'd forgotten about and am now, at this very moment, wearing. Black tshirt, red lettering: "I'd rather be cuffing Krycek."

As for the bullying thing, I don't see the harm in it. At all. The mother had tried all the expected steps to no avail. Bravo to her for coming up with something original that turns the tables and lets the bully experience the humiliation she inflicted on the bully-ee (although I wonder if the girl was just saying what she thought her Mom wanted to hear).

Also, way charming vid. :)
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