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dS: frasersadness

I've sat upon the setting sun, but never never, never never, I've never wanted water once

Posted on 2007.25.05 at 14:19


try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-05-27 09:49 (UTC) ()
Do you think you get him because you're a bit like him? Or because you find it easy to get into his mindspace?

Yes. And yes. He's scarily like me. Except for the whole jumping off buildings thing. I'm actually afraid of heights.;)

I've heard lots of fen say that Fraser doesn't make a lot of sense and they have to work hard to "get" him, but I struggle with RayK and find Fraser a breeze. Hmmm.

Fraser is easier for me to write than any character I've ever written and/or wrote. I can hear him talking in my head. Which would probably please him to no end.

And now I'm tempted to do one...

Do it! You know you wanna...
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