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I may just never see you again or might as well;you took advantage of a world that loved you well

Oh, Rufus. How do you manage to put that one song in each of your albums that knocks me completely flat, in that OMG-this-song-owns-me kind of really good way? *loves, loves, loves*

PS: The town in question, so I hear, is Berlin. This was also the first song I heard on Sirius after I installed it, in the middle of an interview with Rufus. Which, okay, is cool to me, at least. :)

PS#2: Rufus is lovelier than ever, n'est ces pas?

PS#3: And okay, peacey, so maybe I don't have one exact physical type, but I definitely seem to have a colouring preference. *points to Rufus as Case in Point* Besides, he's very bright and has such a lovely mouth voice.
Tags: music, rufus, youtube
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