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MWB: chris black

long days and pleasant night shifts

Posted on 2007.25.06 at 03:06
where am I: night shift, night shift
How I feel about it all: thoughtfulla la la work
Soundtrack: co-workers griping for HOURS about how unfair the union/management treats them
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Another night shift, another ramble...

First off, this article makes me happy on at least three different levels:

Niv Fichman has no fear of flying.

Level 3: Blindness sounds like it could be something fantastic. It's written by Don McKellar, and check out the cast. I've seen Sandra Oh mentioned also, but not in this article. But even without her, holy Hannah, that's quite a list. There are also people from all over the world involved, too, and, um. Did I mention it's written by Don McKellar? I did? Oh. Thought so.

Level 2: Silk sounds really good as well. I love how the article says "with Keira Knightley and Callum Keith Rennie" like Callum's Keira's lead co-star (as he should be. Also, he's a heck of a better actor than Kiera and also way hotter). It looks like he could have a decent-sized part, though,. And he might not be evil or die. Does anyone know if he's evil or dies? Please, Callum, don't be evil or die.

Level 1: Passchendaele is "now casting for an Aug. 13 start date, and while it took two solid years of fundraising, all the money for the 'shamelessly Canadian' story came from Canada." Which, all things considered, is just as it should be, say thankya, although I think it's taken longer than two years.

However, um?

"...Fichman has secured the necessary financing for Paul Gross' $19-million First World War drama Passchendaele."

Excuse me. Fichman secured all of the funding? Every bit of it? As in singlehandedly? All by himself? I don't THINK so, sai. Seems to me he had just a tiny bit of assistance with this one.

Dear Playback Magazine,

Please either a.) do better research or b.) give credit where it's due. Or possibly c.) both. Or maybe this is just reprimanding by omission, in which case, cut it OUT.

Admonishingly yours,


I mean, honestly. *headdesk*

In other news, I'm going to try to actually write something after work. And after sleep, of course. Which means no Adderall for me until I do either or both. I should give my car keys to mr_t00by for safekeeping. Of course, then he'll probably want to drive it. This is okay, mostly, because he's doing really well in that department. :)

In still other news, I've got two legs of my trip reserved lodgingwise. I'll be staying here on the 25th (and maybe the 24th if I leave early) in London and here for three nights in Toronto. eltonroo and inmemoriam, we should do coffee or lunch or something. I should really try to make a Jays game, but I'm already doing that at Fenway, so I guess I've got it covered. :)

I don't know where I'm staying in Ottawa, or even how long I'm staying. I don't think any of my flist lives in there, but I wish someone did because I'd love to do the stay-at-someone's-house-and-hang-out thing. That's one activity I didn't plan for on this trip, darnit.

Oh, and I had a dream about Nekkid!Ewan last night. I <3 my subconscious. :)


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