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SA: Geoffrey b&w

William Hutt, 1920-2007

Posted on 2007.27.06 at 20:24
where am I: RI in a heat wave
How I feel about it all: sadsad
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"Alas, poor world, what treasure hast thou lost!"

All in all, I'd say it's been a good, long run. The reviews all seem to be raves. I only wish I'd been there for more of it.

Here's to you, sir. May flights of angels sing you to your rest.

*raises glass, drinks heartily*


blowjobs for jesus
kristiinthedark at 2007-06-28 01:20 (UTC) ()
This just makes me so sad!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-06-28 01:25 (UTC) ()
Yeah. Me too. :(
Amy H. Sturgis
eldritchhobbit at 2007-06-28 01:34 (UTC) ()
*moment of silence*
(Deleted comment)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-06-28 12:34 (UTC) ()
Yeah, that's where I (sort of shamelessly) stole the quote, which was stolen from Shakespeare in the first place, and for good reason, so I feel justified, sort of. I was on my way to dinner when the segment came on, which meant I sat in my car listening and wasting gas.

I get CBC on Sirius; it was the deciding factor between Sirius and XM (which has better music stations).

ruthless1 at 2007-06-29 00:10 (UTC) ()
Thank goodness we got the pleasure of seeing him in S&A. The fact that he probably had cancer whilst filming makes the show even more poignant.
*raises glass with everyone else*
eltonroo at 2007-06-29 02:12 (UTC) ()
What a brilliant actor. Fortunately, Noelle and I got to see him two years ago in the play Waiting for Godot. Hard to believe he was 85 at the time.
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