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DT: come reap

to sleep, perchance to dream...

Posted on 2007.05.07 at 03:10
where am I: going to bed
How I feel about it all: sleepysleepy
Soundtrack: soft showers outside
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It's after three in the morning, there's a steady, soft, windswept rain falling. I've got the bedroom windows open and there's a cool breeze sweeping through them (without the rain). I'm the only human home, and it's chill enough to slide under at least two covers. I might listen to the radio, I might not. Altogether it's a recipe for a great night of sleeping, and it sounds like heaven. I do wish my room was a little neater, but I'll leave that for morning or so. :)

This announcement is brought to you by me being sleepy and some breezy showers. 'Night!


(Deleted comment)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-07-06 15:06 (UTC) ()
*plays Bob Dylan at you*
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