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DT: come reap
Posted on 2003.22.07 at 19:40


leyenn at 2003-07-22 17:11 (UTC) ()
The first is for someone who's grown up in the British school system, as Harry did his first few school years: Is it possible for someone to go through school to age eleven and not learn anything about reading sheet music, including knowing what it looks like?

I got through not only to age eleven, but three years of music lessons from eleven to fourteen and still can't read sheet music. And I went to a grammar school! I'm not sure about not knowing what it looks like, though - a lot of kids, at least when I went through primary school, learn the recorder and have the notes written out under the sheet (like I had to!), but they'd still know the rough idea of 'oh, that's a sheet of music'. But you know, if music wasn't a compulsory subject (which it's not in some places) and the kid in question was Harry who probably had better things to think about that extra-curricular learning, then I'd say it's more likely than not he wouldn't have a clue.

That was a long and rambling road to a 'yes'. I'll shut up now. ;)
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