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DT: other worlds
Posted on 2007.23.07 at 21:53
where am I: still south of forty-nine
How I feel about it all: sleepysleepy
Soundtrack: nope.
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Dear Flist,

I'm not ignoring you, I'm just in the midst of packing/running around/reading Harry Potter. I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm not exactly sure where I'm spending the night. Hopefully I can make the border by the time I have to stop (why does this sentence sound like a songfic of El Paso?). I have Stuff to Do as far as fic, etc. goes, but as I'm bringing my laptop and I should have quite a bit of downtime, I should be able to get stuff done.

Also, patchfire! The battery on my phone died and I got your message late (and only part of it). Call me tomorrow? I'm going to bed early. *loves*





topaz7 at 2007-07-24 03:43 (UTC) ()
What? You're heading north? Turn left at Quebec and head over for a visit!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-07-24 11:51 (UTC) ()

edits because LJ hates me

I'm not headed for Québec, actually. I could turn left at Ontario, but dude, I only have two weeks and I'm driving. I'd have to lay rubber bigtime, and that would get me arrested and thrown in one of those nasty Canadian jails where they give you nothing to eat but poutine and stale Nanaimo bars. I know, it doesn't sound so horrible, but what they don't tell you in the flyer for the jail is that they puree them together so you can die of a heart attack, a stroke, and a diabetic coma simultaneously.

I'm going to Stratford (staying in London), then Toronto, then probably Ottawa, because I think I'd be upset with myself when I got back if I didn't. I have company until I leave Toronto, then it's iffy, because there's only, liek two or three people I know who'd actually want to spend hours and hours touring Parliament Hill (and none of them are Canadian, wtf?).

I will get to BC eventually, really I will. Possibly even next year. It's on teh list.
(Anonymous) at 2007-07-24 15:53 (UTC) ()

Re: edits because LJ hates me

Well, I got it 3 times, so LJ really does hate you, I think. *slaps LJ*
topaz7 at 2007-07-24 15:58 (UTC) ()

Re: edits because LJ hates me


I forgot this laptop didn't have my cookies anymore.. replaced the motherboard..long story.

Anyway. Meant to say it sounds like a lovely trip, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Parliament buildings, even though I was alone. I loved wandering through there.

Bon voyage!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-07-24 19:00 (UTC) ()

Re: edits because LJ hates me

I posted the bloody comment once, it appeared twice, and then I reedited because darnit, a typo.

I don't mind being alone for that part of the trip. It'd be nice to have company, but on the bright side, I can wander wherever I want to and nobody can say "Haven't you looked at [insert random item everyone and their dog would find boring except me] for long enough?"
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