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Posted on 2007.27.07 at 16:37
where am I: Clarence Castle, Toronto
How I feel about it all: goodgood
Soundtrack: kids' shows on telly
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Living room of the ACCB hostel in London:

One of the kitchens:

My bedroom. It's a four-person dorm, but I had it to myself:

Power lines along highway 401. Creeped me out for a full second before I figured out why, and then they still creeped me out:

Avon river, across from the New Burbage Stratford Festival Theatre:

I poured him in the river and swans ATE him!:

I want an icon of this with "bread" changed to "dead":

More later. It takes forever to resize these things. Next up: An English Garden in Canada.


aingeal8c at 2007-07-27 22:23 (UTC) ()
Awww swans. I like that sign. Dead would be better.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-07-28 04:51 (UTC) ()
Dead would be a complete S&A reference (which, btw, you should SO see because it's all kinds of awesome.
aingeal8c at 2007-07-28 16:19 (UTC) ()
I really should.
the_antichris at 2007-07-27 22:47 (UTC) ()
Wow, New Burbage Stratford is PRETTY. Squirrel!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-07-28 04:48 (UTC) ()
We don't have black squirrels in Rhode Island, just grey ones. Apparently they're the same species, just a different colour.

the_antichris at 2007-07-28 04:53 (UTC) ()
We don't have them at all. I know they're tree rats, but they're so CUTE.
(Deleted comment)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-07-28 04:49 (UTC) ()
The bumper to bumper was later. Too boring to post.
_scally at 2007-07-28 12:52 (UTC) ()
Squirrel! :-)))
nos4a2no9 at 2007-07-28 13:31 (UTC) ()
I have that same picture of the Stratford bridge! But I failed to find any swanns, so your photo record is far more faithful to the New BurbageStratford experience than mine. And I love your hostel room in London. Those maple leaf coathooks add a lovely element of kitsch.

Can't wait to see you!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-07-28 14:39 (UTC) ()
I should be there this evening. I'm coming by myself so peacey and her sister can have some family time. Today we're hitting the ROM and I'll be going to the CBC. For some reason nobody else cares about doing that bit. :)
nos4a2no9 at 2007-07-28 14:54 (UTC) ()
It's too bad peacey and her sister can't make it, but hey - fangirl pajama party! And I would have loved to go to the CBC! ignazwisdom and I didn't have time the day we were in Toronto. We did the ROM but it was decidedly unimpressive (and not really worth the big admission price). I think you're making a good choice in sticking with the CBC.
sam80853 at 2007-07-29 06:00 (UTC) ()


Great pictures! It looks fabulous!
peacey at 2007-07-29 22:13 (UTC) ()
Just got home, dahlink. Between paying bridge tolls on the Maple Leaf side and customs on the Stars 'n Stripes side, we were at the border for approx. an hour. The wait itself wasn't icky, but the fact that the customs line began at the apex of the Blue Water Bridge was major ick.

Believe it or not, Eaton's turned out to be a right royal bust, at least for me. Cher got some things and I did get my nephew a Nemo stuffed animal, but otherwise, I found more interesting stuff (by far!) at the ROM gift store.

You'll never guess what Cher & I did later on that night totally spurofthemoment. Cher's idea: see Harry Potter. So, unbeliveably, I have seen it before you. :)

Between cleaning out five loaded cat litter boxes and feeding hungry kitties, I haven't had time to upload - or even look at - piccys yet, but when I do, I'll send 'em along.

*hugs* Drive safely, eh!!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2007-07-30 04:03 (UTC) ()
I ended up going back to the First Peoples exhibit and tagging along with a tour led by a great (and very informative) volunteer tour guide. Then I got to see a piece of Nanook of the North. I wish I'd been able to see it from the beginning, but just seeing the few minutes I did was awesome, because I'm reading a book that's partly about the guy who wrote and directed it.

Then of course I had to go and get my debit card eaten by a Bank of Montreal ATM in Toronto after which a Long Story ensued. I get to go to a bank tomorrow, whee!

I hope my border-crossing is faster, but I've heard that US customs take longer, so *shrug*

peacey at 2007-07-30 11:04 (UTC) ()
What a pain in the ass re: debit card.

Customs at border crossing went like this:

(To Cheryl): Where did you travel to in Canada?

Cher: Stratford & Toronto.

Agent: For what?

Cher: Plays in Stratford, touristy things in Toronto.

Agent: How many plays did you see?

Cher: Two.

Agent (looking at me, speaking to Cher): How do you know her?

Cher: We're sisters.

Agent: Do you have anything to declare such as food, alcohol, or weapons?

Cher: No.

Agent (hands passports to Cher): Thank you.

It took all of a minute. And I don't get questioning how many plays we saw. Questioning which ones makes more sense because if we were lying and just pulling plays out of the air, he could catch us. But how many is unproveable.
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