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In Which Primrose Geeks Out


I. Am a geek. Totally, irrevocably.

I've been reading this book since right before Nimbus, and it's brought me right back to my bedroom in northeastern Massachusetts, back to the early-to-mid seventies, to where I brought home this LP for the first time. I spent five bucks on it, and it opened up my music obsession, which I'm ten times as geeky about as any fandom I've ever been in. Really. I've been listening to my Classic Elton CDs pretty much nonstop since I've gotten back, and am wallowing in geekdom and worshipping at the Holy Shrine of Taupin in spades. How can I not with lyrics like

Cool grass blowing up the pass
Don't you know I'm feeling mellow
Oh, I love your Roman nose, the way you curl your toes baby
Make me feel so mellow

It's the same old feeling I get when you're stealing
Back into my bed again
With the curtains closed, oh, and the window froze
By the rhythm of the rain

Oh, you make me mellow, oh, you make me mellow
Rocking smooth and slow
Mellow's the feeling that we get
Watching the coal fire glow

Oh, you make me mellow, oh, I make you mellow
Wrecking the sheets real fine
Heaven knows what you sent me Lord
But God this is a mellow time

Going down to the stores in town
Getting all the things we need
Oh, don't forget the beer, oh, my little dear
It helps to sow the mellow seed

And it can't be bad, all the love I've had
Coursing through my life
Down in the pass where the wind blows fast
And mellow, mellow's feeling right

I will write an H/D ficlet around these lyrics, yes I will. Yep, classic EltonandBernie. *points to icon* Mmm-hmm.

Yeah, you guys care. Well, maybe nmalfoy might understand. *g*

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