try to catch the deluge in a paper cup (primroseburrows) wrote,
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the time is upon us, today is forever; tomorrow is just one of yesterday's dreams

If this man were alive today he'd be working with Al Gore. The planet could sure use an advocate like him right about now:

John Denver covers The Band:

John and Johnny (sorry, can't embed this one).

The next two are probably my favourite JD songs ever. I think I first heard them at the same time (when An Evening With John Denver was released in 1975), and even today I can't hear one without wanting to hear the other. They're like a single unit in my head, or something. They're also two of the very few that I put on the same level as Captain Fantastic. I was floored when I first heard them at fourteen-ish and I still am, every single time:

From 1974:

From 1977:

And yeah, yeah, I'm working on the picspam. And cleaning. i_am_a_hannah left for Oz today and I need distract myself until I know she's made it safely to Sydney. I predict bubbly in the near future.
Tags: john denver, nostalgia, youtube
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