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First of all, happy birthday to the original, inimitable, incomparable, and quite lovely Callum Keith Rennie, who is now officially older than me again. And much more attractive. *loves* I'd picspam were I home, but alas I am not. Where I am is Toronto, so here's a

Brief as hell Toronto/TIFF recap:

  • Normal was pretty good. Stuff could have been kept in, stuff could have been left out. Could have used a few more script edits. Callum? Was awesome, and looks better than ever.

  • Silk was entirely forgettable. The plot needed to have actual plot. The romance needed to have actual romance. The film needed to have an actual reason for existing. The leading role needed to have Ewan McGregor.

  • Note on washroom near theatre: "ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT THIS WASHROOM?" along with a couple of phone numbers to call to express our concern.

    ♥♥ Canada ♥♥

  • meresy was very patient with scriggle and I being Toronto-challenged. We followed her all around and she didn't complain once. And she took us to eat at the Patrician Grill, where Dead!Bob and Fraser have lunch in Victoria's Secret. It was a moment that will live in dorky infamy, I tell you. I didn't get pictures, but meresy has some here.

  • The Tracey Fragments was the best of the three films I saw. It was trippy and intense and very, very good (and OMG, Ellen Page!). Bruce McDonald is made of awesome, even though I hid while scriggle went and talked to him. So far Martha Burns and Stephen King are the only two I would actually approach without a second thought. I'm not sure why this is so.

  • Pimped S&A to at least two people, one of whom is a long-time Torontonian who loves theatre/film and has never seen it. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. The other is Australian and therefore gets a pass.

  • Compare and Contrast:

    Paraphrase of recorded message on Boston Subway (MBTA): "For your own security and safety, if you see any suspicious behaviour, report it RIGHT AWAY".

    Paraphrase of recorded message on Toronto Subway (TTC): "Please collect all your belongings and any trash and take it with you when you exit the train. Thank you."

    ♥♥Canada♥♥ (part the second).

  • Reason why Toronto streets are litter-free: Wee street-sweepers whisk through every morning.

  • Saw Nanook of the North at the ROM, all the way through this time. This means that I have seen Nanook of the North MORE THAN ONCE.

  • Finally got to the CBC museum, which is tiny but fun. Saw exerpt from Fraggle Rock! Also, I asked Nice Lady at Info Desk about next year's television season. She gave me a printout. Also:

    Me: I was also wondering if you knew when The Trojan Horse is scheduled to be broadcast?
    Nice Lady at Info Desk: Let me check. *gets on phone, calls someone*
    Me: *waits*
    NLaID: *looks up, smiles* Sometime in January, 2008. *hands me pen and paper* Here, give me your name and telephone number. We'll call you when we're sure of the actual date.
    Me: Really?
    NLaID: Sure, we'd be happy to.

    This? Made my day, truly.

  • scriggle and I were trying to figure out what to do tomorrow since we only have reservations through tonight. scriggle casually suggests Ottawa as a possibility. Me: *holds out arm for her to twist*

    DUDE. WE ARE GOING TO OTTAWA. Sure, it's only for a day. But WE ARE GOING TO OTTAWA.

  • Next year definitely coming back to TIFF. I figure it's a good possibility that both Blindness AND Passchendaele will be shown there. Eep.

  • Was going to watch telly, but lots of people sort of burst in and wanted to watch a movie. I caught the last ten minutes of the Mercer Report. I wanted to watch the news, dammit. Blergh.

    There's lots I missed, I'm sure, but I really have to go get my laundry and go to bed. We're getting an early start because WE ARE GOING TO OTTAWA.
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