try to catch the deluge in a paper cup (primroseburrows) wrote,
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

Night shift randomness

  • So yeah, tonight I get paid double time for taking a voluntary freeze-in. I also get tomorrow off, which means I only am getting ONE extra shift's pay out of it, but with the night/weekend differential, it's a nice shift paywise. Sleepwise it sucks. Not to mention the fourteen (elderly, mostly dementia) patients that will need to be medicated/given fingersticks/given insulin/have a dressing change. Whee?

  • Question: Is there any chance on the gods' green earth that I'll actually get even one ticket here? And if so, how much will I end up paying? Because, y'know, I'd really like to go and stuff.

  • Apparently Amelia is a Patriots fan:

    Someone is seriously going to have to educate this child about baseball.

  • After I sleep I'm determined to spend the rest of the day a finally finishing up promised beta for sam80853, and b) working on my dsnorthernnews fic, which has a long way to go (like actually having visible text).

  • Lastly, um:

    *blinks several times*

    Nope, still there.
Tags: amelia, night shift, randomness
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