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Spam 'n Stuff

I'm finding that being carless has its perks. I walk. Everywhere. Today I got a ride to the store and walked home. In the rain, and I loved it. I noticed the following things:

When rain falls on puddles, each drop leaves a little bubble that pops almost instantly, but is still pretty.

There aren't any other people walking, on a street that is usually teeming with life. It's only water, people!

If you wear an imported Irish Wool sweater in the rain, you arrive home smelling distinctly of sheep. It's not unpleasant at all, just a nice lanolin-y smell.

Everyone should have to walk everywhere at least once. Not in an on-purpose "I'm taking a walk" manner, but just 'cause you have to. It made me think that maybe having things quick-and-easy makes us miss another whole world.

Oh, and this:

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