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try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

Hi. I'm going to bed, really I am, but first I want to let everyone know that this year's axial_tilt is open for sign-ups! It's multifandom, but last year there were only a couple of fics from the dS and C6d fandoms (translation: mine and omphale23's, which is still here at the old LJ site [and also is really really good], which we wrote for each other).

Don't let the IJ location stop you from joining this ficathon--for those who haven't used it, it works just like LJ with coding and posting (you can even use the exact same lj codes for users, comms, cuts and such). You can either set up your own account or do the open ID thing.

axial_tilt was a lot of fun to do last year and I'm hoping for some more of the wonderful writers the dS and c6d fandoms to get on board this year. The minimum word count is just 500 words, and all the fics are PG 13 or less, so there's no compulsory long fics or difficult-to-write (for me, anyway) sex scenes. It's not an anonymous challenge, so you can start giving (and getting) personal feedback right away! Also, the deadline isn't until March 15 (to be posted on March 20, hence the axial tilt theme), so you have plenty of time! Also? dorrie6 is very cool and you will all love her. :D

So, um, yeah. Go have a look? :D :D
Tags: axial tilt, fandom
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