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Everything's almost done! Most of the problems have been solved, and all I have to do now is throw some clothes into a suitcase and set stuff up for the cat-sitters. I've got a couple of choices for the formal dinner, the dress I wore to Caleb and Trish's wedding, and one or two of my prettiest dresses. Apparently 'formal' means something in the range between dressy dress and evening gown.

Amelia has a brand-new Ergo, complete with infant insert, so she'll be travelling in comfort AND style.

We'll be leaving at about two in the morning for Logan Airport for a 5:40 flight to Fort Lauderdale. I think this is a bit of an overkill, but that's what everyone else decided. It's about an hour from Pawtucket to Boston. There's a stop in Myrtle Beach, which is annoying, but we get to stay on the plane, so.

Where are we going, I hear you ask. We're taking a 7-night cruise to the Carribean (these aren't our departure dates, but the rest is the same). I've never been on a cruise before, so it'll be an experience! I'm more of a hostels-and-public transportation traveller (because I like it as well as because it's cheaper), so being on a giant floating hotel will be something really new. And it'll be WARM. And I'm only paying for half, thanks to Amelia and her parents, which is how I can afford such a thing. *loves*

I'm leaving in less than an hour and I won't be back until Sunday. Internet will be spotty and expensive, so if there's anything I need to know, email me!

Also, huge hugs of gratitude to everyone who (virtually) listened to yesterday's rant.

Today has been a lot more productive despite me having a day-long ADD meltdown on account of being rushed and eating nothing but a couple of donuts (I've had a yummy veggie one-dish thing since, though).
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