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I'm hopelessly behind in most everything in life right now, including LJ comments/entries/etc. Plus I have four stitches in my head, which is why I didn't come back from MA or go to work yesterday..

Here's the short version: I had an altercation with a door, and the door won. This is because Evil Bedroom Door had Bedskirt With Big Hole In It as an accomplice, which helped accomplish teh evil by not letting me in on the fact that my foot was inside said Big Hole, so that when I turned to walk across the room, I caught my foot and fell headlong into the (sharp like steel) corner of Evil Bedroom Door.

There's a longer story involving the house resembling a crime scene, my lovely niece being all nice and helpful and niece-ly, the Irish Guy at the ER, and the friendly and competent doc whose one flaw is wanting to tell me everything he observed about my injury. (Note to doc: Just because I'm a nurse doesn't mean I don't get a little freaked when you tell me my head is lacerated ALL THE WAY TO THE BONE). Also, note to nice but descriptive ER nurse: You are tending to the injured, not providing colour commentary. Telling me you are pulling CHUNKS OF FLESH out of my hair is not soothing in the least. Even if you do like my tattoo.

I'm in RI now, but I think I'll be going back to MA, where there is still no internet. Wah. But I am getting a lot of cleaning done. :D

In other news, wah, Patriots.

So. When does Spring Training start again?
Tags: moving, ow, rl
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