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dS: fraser hallelujah

Announcement of Yay!!!

Posted on 2008.18.02 at 22:32
where am I: next stop Massachusetts
How I feel about it all: accomplishedwhee!
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I've finally got all my dS/6 Degrees stories together in one place, save for one or two strays. I was inspired by isiscolo mentioning the Remix/Redux challenge, where you kind of have to have a bunch of fics in one place. So.

Go see my sparkly new fic journal! Read stuff! Feedback will be eaten up with a very large spoon and will make me very happy.

Down the Primrose Path: Scribbles and Such

Hopefully I'll be able to pretty it up and do a layout, etc. soon.

I'll be adding more as they are written (or if strays are found. I have stories from other fandoms, but they were all on my old, fried computer and I fear they're gone for good, not to mention that they were written a long, long time ago and probably suck like crazy.

I've posted about this over at ds_noticeboard as well, even though pimping my own stuff is a little weird for me.

Okay, so now I have to get out of here and drive to MA so I can get enough sleep to be up at seven to meet the oil guy when he comes to fill the tank. And then drive back for work, oh, joy.


aingeal8c at 2008-02-19 13:55 (UTC) ()
Oooo very nice.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2008-02-20 06:41 (UTC) ()
Now I need to write some more. :)
the day you left was just my beginning
patchfire at 2008-02-20 22:19 (UTC) ()
I can't remember if you told you had to work tonight or not. Or maybe you didn't talk about Wednesday at all. I find days running together in my head. Or that could just be the headache I currently have.

Don't you love how I comment on your entries with things that are completely and utterly unrelated to your original post?

I had a point in here somewhere. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost it.
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