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Teenytiny ficlet for slidellra's dS/C6D tag game. Fluff ahoy.

Title: The Calm, After
Author: primroseburrows
Pairing: F/K, Post-COTW, Established Relationship
Rating: Barely PG-13. Barely.
Length: 304 words
Warnings: None, unless you hate fluff or are afraid of thunderstorms.
Also, Diefenbaker is sleeping over a friend's house, okay?

At dawn, it's quiet.

The wind, so strong last night against the rattle-y bedroom window, has dropped off completely. Ray is warm and naked under layers of quilts, stretched full-length along Fraser's side. His face is all that's visible, and only half so: the rest is tucked into the space where Fraser's neck meets his shoulder. Under the quilts, one arm drapes lazily over Fraser's waist; his hand and long fingers lax against his partner's hip. He sleeps without dreaming.

The summer storm blew in suddenly, pushing strong gusts of rain-soaked wind hard against the cabin windows--over and over, relentlessly, as if trying to hurl itself inside. Surprised by how quickly the storm was moving, Ray and Fraser had scrambled to latch doors and shut windows as quickly as they could. The last sash was barely closed when the hail came, beating a machine-gun staccato on the roof and walls in wild counterpoint to the wind and thunder. Soaked to the skin, breathless and laughing, they leaned against each other for support, tangling together in a damp, electric embrace. Eyes caught, lips and hands followed as the tempest washed over them, as they laughed and touched and kissed and tumbled into bed. The storm outside would be long past before they remembered it.

Dawn comes early in the short Arctic summer: it's not yet four and already the first sliver of sun is visible. Fraser's awake, but only barely, and he won't be for long. Ray, not really awake at all, shifts in his arms and makes a sound like a question. Fraser waits for more, but Ray has burrowed back under the covers again, his nebulous question forgotten. Fraser kisses his forehead and follows him down into sleep. He dreams of the wind.

aingeal8c, you're up!
Tags: myfic
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