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I'll post a review myself as soon as have two brain cells to rub together, but until then:

Globe and Mail review of The Trojan Horse.

The last sentence in this editorial says it all doesn't it? "Canadian broadcasters should not be lending comfort to scandalous nonsense." Looks like Paul and John have hit the media funny bone with The Trojan Horse miniseries. Canadian media look to their big brothers in New York, Chicago and Washington for the proverbial pat on the back for towing the MSM party line. It took more than courage to create the "Trojan Horse" miniseries. If "the truth is dead" as attested by Paul Gross in his guise as the President of the North American Union, then we can thank our lucky stars that writers of such integrity continue to work in "fiction" here in Canada.

This movie would never have been made in the U.S. Not because its a work of nonsense but precisely because it makes such sense. The Globe and Mail do an injustice to all Canadians when they write editorials like this. "The Trojan Horse" made me proud to be Canadian. Scandalous nonsense is the lifeblood of US media, especially when it comes to politics. I challenge the Globe to grow up. For some reason this "nonsense" merited an Editorial in Canada's national newspaper then it must have hit home. It seems that only through fiction can we find truth presented in our media anymore. My hat is off to those who made this miniseries. Great directing, editing, acting and writing. Well done guys!

Now I want to see the National Review um. Review it. Oh, wait. Not likely to happen, because I can't imagine any of their reviewers would bothe watching a Canadian production, let alone reviewing one.

But still. Some neocon must have seen it.

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