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Stuff noticed while watching Northern Exposure (I'm in the middle of season 3 atm):

  • You can tell when the outdoor winter scenes are filmed out of season because you can't see anyone's breath.

  • Chris is supposed to be 28 in 1992, but he says he was seven in 1968. that would make him 31.

  • They got Holling's age right, but erm. Where did a Vincoeur from Québec get a Southern drawl?

  • Ditto Shelley. Did I miss the memo about how Saskatchewan packed up and moved to Mississippi? Wayne The Hockey Player, Shelley's ex, has a twang, too.

    Maybe it's like South Park, only instead of having bisected heads, the Canadians on this show all talk like patchfire. Oh, teh irony. Yeah, I really do think.

  • Maggie looks like Leah Collins. She also looks like she could be related to Fraser, which brings up all kinds of plot bunnies. *chases off bunny that wants to bring Leah to Cicely*

  • Marilyn is becoming one of my very favourite characters ever, despite the fact that she hardly talks. Fraser and Marilyn would like each other a lot, I think. I can SO see her becoming Fraser's BFF. See above re: kinds of plot bunnies.

  • Nobody ever says what tribes Marilyn and Ed belong to (they're from two different ones, apparently). Maybe they had to get permission to use the name and either didn't ask or asked and weren't allowed? Also, Ed? Is my other favourite NX character.

  • Now that I've heard Chris read part of it, I suddenly want to read The Call of the Wild.

  • Speaking of Chris, there's this one ep where he shows up at the end wearing a suit with his hair cut. At the beginning of the next show he's got the long-and-scruffy look back. Hmm.

I can't believe I never watched this back in the day. But then I never watched that other show that everyone confuses with it, either. wtf?

More stuff to be posted when I notice it. I know you're all thrilled.
Tags: bullet lists, northern exposure
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