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procrastination post number twelve thousand

Posted on 2008.01.06 at 10:44
where am I: sunny tewksbury
How I feel about it all: stressedeek, so much to do!
Soundtrack: someone using a leaf-blower or something next door.
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  • Some things I don't get:

    • Twitter. I watched the video and everything. Nope, still don't get it.

    • Elective Caesareans, a.k.a. Please Perform Major Abdominal Surgery On Me For No Medical Reason Whatsoever. With this mentality I should be able to get an appendectomy just because it's Sunday and I feel like one. No wonder the US Caesarean rate is 31.1% with a bullet. Quote from here:

      "I liked the idea of knowing what day and time my baby would arrive so I could schedule my parents to be here, a baby nurse, and furniture delivery[.]"

      Um, sure.Go right ahead and put yourself and your baby at risk for convenient furniture delivery. Also, baby nurse? People still have baby nurses? Wow.

    • American Idol and the whole frenzied fanatacism surrounding it. And not just because I loathe just about everything the show stands for.

      There have been plenty of talent programs in TV history that haven't used contestant humiliation as a gimmick (Community Auditions and Star Search, for example). Why has this one, and why is it so freakishly popular despite (or maybe because of) it?

    • How this isn't torture. wtf?

    • Hillary Clinton. She's a smart woman, so why can't she see that she's undermining the Democrats' chances in November by staying in the race? I get that it's a great way for the whole country to have a say in the primary election, but it sucks for the Dems. Yes, I'm supporting Obama, but I'd say the same thing if the situation was reversed.

      Also, I still don't know how I feel about Michigan and Florida. Yes, everyone's vote should be counted. But IIRC Obama didn't participate because he thought that the votes wouldn't be counted, so the outcome wouldn't be fair. One thing I'm positive of: I would definitely not want to be Howard Dean right about now.

      And. Sen. Clinton changing her mind about the whole thing now that she's not the frontrunner? Not On, Hillary, Not On. Besides, in the end it's not one person, one vote anyway. It's all down to the superdelegates and the Electoral College.

    • The Electoral College. See above. I'm sorry, Founding Fathers, but you missed the boat on this one.

  • Some things I do get:

  • A thing I want to get:

    • This. When I have $301.99 plus tax, that is. And to think that until today I had no idea such a wonderful thing existed. I emailed them anyway.Just for future reference, understand.

Obviously I'm procrastinating. Must get out of avoidance mode and go be a Responsible Adult (not easy to do and I'm not looking forward to it). Bleh.


_scally at 2008-06-01 16:25 (UTC) ()
Brazil is remaking Slings & Arrows

A remake?! Um... I've never seen a good remake in my life. I can't imagine a good remake for S&A. Not a good idea.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2008-06-01 16:28 (UTC) ()
It doesn't NEED a remake. Hasn't Brazil ever heard of subtitles???!!

bjohan57 has a great quote about it here.

Edited at 2008-06-01 16:28 (UTC)
_scally at 2008-06-01 16:39 (UTC) ()
Subtitles - yes, a remake or dubbing - no.
It's just not right.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2008-06-01 16:44 (UTC) ()
Dubbing would be just--ewww. I might even throw up.
(Anonymous) at 2008-06-01 18:20 (UTC) ()
Twitter: yes. I signed myself up. Now what? I have no idea.
topaz7 at 2008-06-01 18:21 (UTC) ()
That last comment was me. Someone eated my cookies!!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2008-06-01 22:10 (UTC) ()
Even if it was my family doing it, I sort of don't need to know when they eat soup or vacuum the rug, or I don't know, go to the bathroom. It's like, liveblogging your entire life in tiny pieces. Like I said, I don't get it.

peacey at 2008-06-02 12:37 (UTC) ()
* I would definitely not want to be Howard Dean right about now.

Sweet merciful [insert deity of choice], I wouldn't want to be Howard Dean ever.

* The Electoral College has pretty much outworn its usefulness. And "superdelegates"? WTF? Who was the Constitution-hating *$(&%jD who thought up that foul putrescence?

* In case you missed it, American Idol is on the way down. Ratings were down this season, sometimes dramatically so, and I'm irrationally gleeful about it. I only watched one season (and NOT the audition phase, because that bit is aught but cruelty for its own sake), and when Chris Daughtry was voted out, I swore the stupid show off forever.

* For the person who said they've never seen a good remake in their life, run, do not walk, to your neighborhood video store and rent "Hamlet" with Kenneth Branagh in the lead. While it might be argued that it is technically not a remake, it outshines every version made before (or after).

Also? Battlestar Galactica, Ocean's Eleven (how it pains me to say that because the Rat Pack rules), and, more obscurely, the Patrick Stewart/Glen Close version of The Lion in Winter.

* Hold the phone - you're in Tewksbury now?? Guess where hubby makes a delivery today? :) If you see a JB Hunt truck about town, give my baby a wave.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2008-06-03 02:18 (UTC) ()
I wouldn't want to be Howard Dean ever, either, despite the fact that I like him.

Superdelegates are Silly.

When did I say I've never seen a good remake? A Star is Born, BSG, Various Star Trek incarnations. A remake can be a GOOD thing, mind you.

I'm in Tewksbury, yes. I didn't see a truck, though. ;)
aukestrel at 2008-06-03 00:54 (UTC) ()
I. want. SATELLITE DISH. It's about time. My husband and I have been bemoaning the lack of a dedicated Canadian channel/company for YEARS.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2008-06-03 02:15 (UTC) ()
I went searching after becoming more and more fed up with the CBC website's general suckage. I had no idea something like it existed (and apparently it's still a grey are legally).

Edited at 2008-06-03 02:16 (UTC)
tildathebuilder at 2008-06-05 19:04 (UTC) ()
Hello again!

Over from mijan's lj. I thought you might be interested in Hathor's website
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2008-06-05 21:58 (UTC) ()
OMG, that's great! Thanks!

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