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why yes, I am an idealist, thanks for asking.

So. At 3 p.m. today (in about twenty minutes), Parliament will be voting on whether to allow U.S. war resisters stay in Canada. I remember reading last year that their petition had been denied. I hadn't realised that the case was still open.

The thing is, even if the vote DOES pass, it might not mean anything, since the resolution is non-binding and the Harper government can ignore it. Which? They probably will.

My opinion doesn't matter a bit, but I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for these guys.

If you're interested in watching the vote live (or if you just like to watch politicians yelling at each other in two languages), go here at 3 PM EST (anytime after that you'll still get stuff, but it'll be other stuff). Don't everyone all rush at once. ;)

N.B.: I wholeheartedly support the troops in Iraq (and hope they come home ASAP), but I equally support those who make a conscientious choice not to fight in an illegal war.

ETA: Well, the vote passed, so now it's up to the government. *sigh*
Tags: canadian politics, iraq, it's all stephen harper's fault, us politics
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