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try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

Yes, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for what you've all been waiting for: Yet another Random Post of Randomness!

1. It's official: _scally loves me and wants to make me happy.

2. I just ordered 50 gallons of heating oil. $219.95. Ow. I'd seriously consider waiting and boiling water for cleaning and stuff, but I can't bring myself to take cold showers. *sigh* I want a solar water heater.

3. scally wants me to be even happier.

4. I have a $500 credit from Hannah to replace my laptop that got broken in Oz last year. I really want to get one before my vacation next month. Can any of you guys who know stuff about computers tell me if this seems like a good deal? It's got a 120 gig HD and a dual-core Pentium processor (which I have no idea about but hear it's a good thing). Also Windows Vista, which I've heard not-so-good things about.

This looks like a good deal, too. It has more features, a bigger HD and a bigger screen (also a full-sized keyboard, which I would really love). It has a different processor--would that really make a difference to non-graphic-gaming me?

I'm going to browse for a refurbished Mac to compare, also, but I'd appreciate if anyone can give me an opinion.

5. Great Big Sea is going to be at the Orpheum this fall. I want to go but probably won't unless someone would like to go with me. Anyone interested?

6.When someone dies, one of the pat answers is to say "the world is a smaller/worse off place" without the deceased. And it's usually true, because each person adds a piece to the soup of human history. It couldn't be a truer adage in the case of George Carlin. Here's a guy who not only told us the stripped-bare, ugly, honest truth about ourselves and the society we live in when others were burying their heads in the sand, but he made us laugh hysterically about the whole situation. There's not enough people who make us laugh like that. And even fewer who are brave enough to tell the truth. NPR's Fresh Air has excerpts from a couple of interviews that host Terry Gross did with him (in 2004 and 1990).

Here are some videos. If you haven't heard George Carlin speak, you should. And even if you have, watch these anyway, they're awesome.

This one's on war:

This one's about the American Dream:

Here he compares baseball to football:

And this one's about some things that unite us all:

I could link to more. I won't. You don't have to thank me. ;)

RIP, Mr. Carlin. Thanks for bringing humour to honesty, and vice versa.

7. I finally got my hair cut. It's nice and short again, with nice red roots. The hairdresser told me I have beautiful skin and she couldn't believe I had kids who were old enough to have kids. She sounded sincere, too. And I know her eyesight's good because my hair looks really nice. I think I love her.

8. THIRTY DAYS 'TIL VACATION!!! *wild kermitflail*

meresy! nos4a2no9! We maybe should Plan Stuff. How do y'all feel about Second City? If I can get tickets, that is. If not, just dinner and general schmoozing? And maybe even teaching mr_t00by the fine art of Wandering Aimlessly Around Toronto. Other fangirls would be good, too, if we could get up a Fangirl Posse or something. mr_t00by needs to meet more of us.

9. Did I mention that _scally loves me?
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