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For More Joy Day:

Photodocumentation of A Select Group of Males of the Canadian Persuasion Who Are Also No Spring Chickens, a.k.a. Hot Damn, There Must Be Something In the Water Up There

In ascending chronological order according to age:

1. Nicholas Lea, age 46: (DOB 22 June, 1962):

2. Callum Keith Rennie, age 47 (DOB 14 September, 1960):

2. Paul Gross, age 49 (DOB 30 April, 1959):

And a video bonus, which isn't in chronological order because it's a video and looks better here.

4-v. Hugh Dillon, age 45 (DOB 31 May 1963):

Your challenge: Add more pictures, add more vids, add more people, add more countries! Add more genders! Add more age groups! Add your family! Add your friends! Add yourselves!

Bring on the beautiful people!* Tell why they bring you joy!

*Note: Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and it's not always apparent at face value. Beauty doesn't always mean physical perfection. It's not only skin deep. Just sayin'.
Tags: ckr, more joy day, nick lea, paul gross, picspam, youtube
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