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DT: come reap

But of course...*g*

Posted on 2003.14.08 at 07:52
How I feel about it all: boredbored
...although I think I got something else when I took this quiz months ago. Still, it's all about Canon!Draco, 'cause I love the little wanker guy.

You, as the original Draco from the books, are snotty, immature, and jealous. You are obsessed with what your father thinks. You hate Harry, his friends, basically all Gryffindors, and all Muggle-borns. You are paired up with Pansy Parkinson. Lucky you. You're pretty much not found anywhere except the books, because...damn. You have little to no redeeming qualities.

Find out which Draco you are.



shadowluck at 2003-08-14 06:34 (UTC) ()
Du auch?

try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2003-08-14 11:28 (UTC) ()
Ja. I think.
quiridion at 2003-08-16 09:08 (UTC) ()

You have many varieties. You may be paired with Harry, Ron, or even Snape. It is hardly ever a problem that you're gay, only that your crush is supposed to be your enemy (or your teacher). You are sometimes tormented by your feelings, moping until something happens to force you and your crush together. Other times, you are extraordinarily open about it, teasing the boy of your affections until he finally comes out (bad pun) of his shell and says that he likes you too. Once you and your crush get together, you are sweet and affectionate, but bitchy enough to stay in character. You are nearly every HP slash fan's favorite. Explains the long description here, doesn't it?

Find out which Draco you are.

Hehe! Result! Just wanted to say HI! and I really didn't know how to respond to the David Bowie post. :D
BTW, weren't you in Japan? How was it? Or are you still there? Or was that someone else? In which case...*facepalms*
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