try to catch the deluge in a paper cup (primroseburrows) wrote,
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

right now, my friend, you're in the Dominion of Canada

  • Things that win about ACBB Guesthouse:

    1. Shelley (one of the owners) waited up for us and was just as friendly and helpful as she was last year when I came in at a more reasonable hour.

    2. Watching Flashpoint (the 1 a.m. repeat) on a large-screen TV.

    3. Comfy bed, complete with kitchy maple-leaf clothes hooks.

    4. Free breakfast (which I haven't had yet but I remember the yumminess from last year).

    5. Funky old-house atmosphere, with creaky floors and murals on the walls.

  • Apparently Canadian border crossing freaks me out. Every time I do it I'm convinced that I'll be told for some random reason to turn around, go home and never be seen darkening Canada's doorstep again. When I finally DO cross--well, you know that old line about someone exhaling a breath they didn't know they were holding? That would be me, complete with accompanying Triumphant Exclamation (2008 version: OMGYAY WE'RE IN FUCKING ONTARIO). mr_t00by thinks I'm weird.

    It's not like that going home. Aside from Not Wanting to Leave, I don't angst about crossing back into the US (I figure I'm theirs, they have to take me). I've never had issues with any other Customs/border crossing situation, just Canada. Maybe if I have time later I'll psychoanalyse myself. Or, y'know, not. *shrug*

  • Best thing so far? OMG, GPS. An utter dream come true for people (like me) with No Sense of Direction Whatsoever. You just do what it tells you to, and if you make a mistake? It compensates.

    I don't know exactly what we're doing today (except maybe taking mr_t00by to a doc-in-a-box for what sounds a lot like a case of Lyme Disease. We'll most likely see the XF movie tonight, and I'm hitting Chapters as soon as I can. I also need to hunt down and capture a pair of shorts (or two).

  • More later!
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