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We got home yesterday and I'm still in post-trip letdown lethargy mode. I've missed a zillion flist posts, woe, but I'm too blah to play catch-up right now. I'll try to go through them tomorrow. I do care, really!.

I'll do a recap and also post pictures eventually (I really did manage to take slightly different ones from last year), but um. See first sentence.

I do have to post this one, though. Found in the hostel washroom, in a frame with no glass:

I spent actual time staring at it until I figured out that yes, it really was who I thought it was. And it was in a FRAME. Apparently the universe is telling me to start writing, like now, kid. Okay, okay, when I'm over the blahs. And then there's the whole 'leaving again in less than two weeks' thing.
Tags: blah, ontario 2008, weirdness, writing
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