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passchendaele: michael
Posted on 2008.27.08 at 02:21
where am I: It's freezing at work.
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Question for anyone who knows more about TIFF than I do (which basically means anyone who knows anything at all about TIFF besides its name and location):

Apparently there are only three screenings of Passchendaele: The Gala, the one at the Elgin screening room (both sold out, although I would have got at least one ticket to the Elgin one if I hadn't had a rickafrakka debit card), and one on the morning of Sept. 5.

The question is, will there be more times posted later? Because the odds aren't good that I'll luck out and get a ticket for the only screening available, and tickets don't go on sale until the third. And, um. I have to make PLANS, y0. Or maybe there's someone who could get a ticket for me and I could reimburse them (meresy, you're going ticket shopping, yes?).

Because really, it's not like this film isn't going to be released all over Canada, and if I can't get a ticket to TIFF I can go when it goes nationwide like a normal person and not make yet another trip I probably shouldn't be making (I mean, yeah, I'd be making a trip then, too, it's just that it wouldn't be so crazily close to the last one).

I want to see Blindness, too, but um. The world will not end if I have to wait (no, really!). And if I do have to wait, forget Toronto, because I'm headed for Ottawa, dudes.

Although if I do wait I might not get to see Susan and Martha's film. *sigh*


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meresy at 2008-08-27 15:11 (UTC) ()
I'm not going shopping so much as asking my cousin for freebies, and Nos has dibs on my extras. He can't get get my tickets to special programs, though, only general screening where there are extras, and Passchendaele is not going to be one of those.

Were I you, I'd try for the Ryerson screening.
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primroseburrows at 2008-08-27 23:25 (UTC) ()
Yeah, the problem with that is that I won't know until the last minute whether I'll get it or not, which means eleventh-hour work stuff and travel stuff which gets expensive. It's really not fair that I wasn't born incredibly wealthy. :/
aukestrel at 2008-08-29 17:44 (UTC) ()
What's in Ottawa? Besides Gus and Johnny, I mean. *g*
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2008-08-30 06:41 (UTC) ()
I have a large crush on Ottawa. It's a mix of old and new, like Boston, only different. And it's the capital of all of Canada, which hits my dorky politics junkie buttons AND my dorky Canadaphile buttons at the same time.

I had a similar reaction to Ottawa the first time I visited as I did to Cape Breton--I felt I had been away for a long time but it was okay because now I was home. I have this wild fantasy about living in one of the outlying communities, like maybe Mississippi Mills (where I've never been, actually, it just looks pretty and artsy and quiet). Ottawa's my San Francisco--I leave my heart there every time.

Number one thing? BUILDING PORN (which reminds me, I took a couple of pictures last month that might be interesting to you, which I will post as soon as I'm home and not exhausted from working). Seriously, these buildings have to be seen to be appreciated.

Edited at 2008-08-30 07:10 (UTC)
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