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driveby post, now with angsty pleading

Request (aka BEGGING, HERE) for you guys. Please stick any spoilers for Passchendaele, should you post any, under a well-labeled cut. I haven't seen any yet, but I figure they'll be out there, lurking, soon enough. I can censor my own web surfage, but I can't censor what comes across on my flist nearly as well. Pleasepleaseplease. Please?

Also, obviously I am not dead. I've just been feeling mneh and blah recently, and the fact that I'm in Tewksbury and not Toronto (which is where I expected to be) this weekend isn't helping any.

I have pictures to post and all sorts of other stuff to do LJ-wise, and it will happen soon. Right now it's muggy and I'm sticky and itchy from bug bites and my shoulder hurgs, and I really don't feel like doing much more than taking a shower and vegging out with a nice gin and tonic. Maybe some YouTube or something. Or I could knit. Hell, I dunno.

Being a grownup sucks sometimes, so it does.

P.S. In case anyone else needs cheering up, here's a video:

Tags: blah, lj, mneh, passchendaele, some cheese with that whine plz
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