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Posted on 2008.13.10 at 20:59
where am I: teh commonwealth of massachusetts
How I feel about it all: awakeawake
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How I know I'm Not In Canada, reason number 32: There is hardly any food in my fridge.

*waves in general northerly direction*

Happy Thanksgiving, guys.

P.S. Good luck tomorrow.


starflowers at 2008-10-14 03:57 (UTC) ()
Oh crap, oh crap, I was all 'huh, tomorrow, what's tomorrow?' and then I remembered, it's VOTING DAY, crap, who do I vote for? I mean, it's not like I haven't been thinking about it, like this is some shock to me, I've been stressing out about this for weeks, on one hand, there's Harper, who's CONSERVATIVE, and I am against conservatives, on the other, there's Dion, who is an idiot and his whole electorial platform is 'vote for me, I'm not Stephen Harper *slimey grin*' and then there's the NDP guy who is all "Yay vote for me and I'll be your best friend!!" and there are others, but they don't matter, not really, and they're all liars and frauds anyway and I just... I have democratic angst. What's the point in being able to vote if there isn't anyone worth voting for?

Ahem. Sorry. Minor panic attack, I'm okay now.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2008-10-14 14:57 (UTC) ()
Sorry for your panic, dear. :) If it were me, I'd be panicking too, but I think I'd go with the Liberals because Stephen Harper is a Bush wannabe who wants to like, privatise everything and turn Canada into the U.S. and breaks election laws he made up himself. And I don't think Dion's an idiot, really, he's just not much about the public speaking (in English, at least).

In a real contest I'd definitely go NDP just because I agree with them more politically. Or even Green because I really do like Elizabeth May. But either one of those would be like tossing votes at the Conservatives, right? *throws up hands*

For once, there's actually a choice in the US election. Obama and McCain are worlds apart, so I feel like I'm actually voting for someone I like and not just the lesser of two evils.
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