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President-Elect Obama gives his first post-election press conference:

I really like how he's taking a cautious approach to the transition--he stresses the need to do everything as quickly as possible but wants to do it thoroughly as well. Also the bipartisan spirit in which he plans to get things done.

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Regarding your Most Important Issue, I'd like to offer some advice: Why not choose a dog from one of the many breed-specific rescue organizations? That way you'd be able to pick out a breed that's appropriate for a a dog-allergic person like Malia and you'd still be giving a needy animal a good home. After all, what dog wouldn't want to be the First Pet?

The Poodle Rescue of New England has lots of dogs that need homes. Poodles are intelligent, energetic and people-oriented (a lot like yourself, actually), and are recommended as an ideal pet for someone with allergies. A list of Poodles looking for a good home is here.

Or maybe a Greyhound? They're sweet and affectionate and don't need as much space as people think. Here's a list of Greyhounds up for adoption in the DC area.

Wishing you success in all you do,

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