try to catch the deluge in a paper cup (primroseburrows) wrote,
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

Reflect on your year by taking the first line of the first entry of every month this year.

January: Happy 2008, All!

February: Movie still from the Passchendaele Movie Photo Gallery:

March: I started writing this, what, a couple of weeks ago? Grr.

April: So, yeah, I was up all night.

May: Very cool meme from timberwolfoz:

  • Some things I don't get:

July: SOMEbody made a serious omission here.

August: *waves*

September: Request (aka BEGGING, HERE) for you guys.

October: 240000


December: A verbal expression of my love for this would exceed the character posting limit by zillions:

Once again, another not-so-exciting Year in First Lines. Kinda reflects life that way.
Tags: 2008 reflections, memes
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