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Posted on 2003.19.08 at 19:10
How I feel about it all: impressedimpressed
Soundtrack: Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
I'm probably the last person to ever see music videos. MTV doesn't have many anymore, and VH1 is obsessed with pop from the last fifteen minutes, so I just don't watch them. Also, from 1978 to 1994 I lived somewhere without access to either station,so my video pickings have indeed been slim. I have seen a few, though (Chris Isaak's Wicked Game comes to mind, also Natalie Merchant's Carnival.

Well, lemmetellya. Today after I made the post about Christina Aguilera's Beautiful being made into a commercial for cosmetic surgery, I downloaded the video to go with the song. Honest to goddess, I sobbed. I will now officially thwap anyone who says she's shallow, no matter what else she does. She did this, and that's enough. Not to mention that her voice is indescribable.

I guess it was so moving for me because I've been there. No, I haven't been the gay man stared at for kissing his lover in public;I haven't been the skinny teenaged boy or the anorexic girl or the punk guy. *hugs them all* I have been the girl sitting alone in her room wondering why she's not like the rest of the people out there, and I've especially, especially been the girl beat up because she was not cool enough, was too different, too weird.

I hope this video is shown in middle and high schools, heck, in kindergartens, or whatever their overseas equivalent is, everywhere. 'Cause it makes you think, and maybe someone will reconsider avoiding the guy with the piercings. I think if I hear that advert again, I'm going to call them and complain.

I felt like this one other time after hearing a song by Libby Roderick which was nothing more than a chant of the words:

How could anyone ever tell you
you were anything less than beautiful?
how could anyone ever tell you
you were less than whole?
How could anyone fail to notice
that your loving is a miracle?
how deeply you're connected to my soul.

Same energy, same feeling. Okay, I'll stop now.

Oh, and ringomc? Lovelovelove your MaryKate/Ashley OTP icon. Hee!


just dance
karabou at 2003-08-19 16:24 (UTC) ()
I saw the Christina video before I heard the song on the radio, and I sobbed as well. It really changed my opinion about her. <3
Non-Recovering WoW Addict
heinous_bitca at 2003-08-19 18:19 (UTC) ()

I cry every time I see it. And every now and then when I hear it, I think of the video and I tear up.
ringomc at 2003-08-19 18:20 (UTC) ()
I'm glad you liked the icon! Of course I like them for their work in the Cinema...their looks and the fact that they're twins are secondary. You believe me right? Right?

While I agree with you about the message and the video for Beautiful I must admit I'm a bit cynical about Christina's motives. I suppose I wish she would focus more on her voice and songs like that and less on trying to expose as much skin at every moment possible.

Not cool enough to have a witty name here.
jessindistress at 2003-08-19 21:47 (UTC) ()

They're using that for an ad for cosmetic surgery? *dies*

I made a similar "OMG I feel awful for badmouthing her" post... I bought the album because Dirrty is so bloody catchy- and heard the song she does with Lil Kim and thought, "I love you..." Totally going against the whole "be a good girl" thing people like Britney are promoting... it's "Be yourself and don't take shit from anyone." Then I saw the vid for Beautiful... was nearly crying.

I was that girl getting beaten up for being too weird, too uncool, too out-of-the-ordinary, etc, too, hon... (((mucho hugs))) then I became the punk copping the weird looks, then the anorexic girl... *sighs* So I totally adore the video. The fact that she's got a fairly broad audience and yet she's game to take risks and be confrontational about stuff, too... I really have a lot of time for her.

And I totally agree with you- every kid should see it.

(((more hugs)))

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