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SA: against their own succession


Posted on 2009.28.01 at 02:52


too much sugar for a nickel
bonspiel at 2009-01-28 18:09 (UTC) ()
"We're not going to be able to think about happiness and quality of life only in terms of the next vacation or the bigger house or the new car," Ivey says. "Once we move away from a consumerist view of a high quality of life — once we're forced away from it — arts and culture, creativity, homemade art, those things can begin to come to the fore."

Finally. I do agree with the above commenter that I'm unconvinced that on an immediate economic stimulus level this will make a big difference. *However*, I think they've done themselves a disservice trying to sell it that way. We need funding for arts and cultural organizations because it's needed for an interesting, intellectually robust culture and country, not because it may or may not make more or less money. The government, I think, should be thinking about quality of life as well as the CPI.
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