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DT: come reap

Insomniac CNN liveblogging. Sorta.

Posted on 2009.19.02 at 06:21
where am I: In front of Mary's telly
How I feel about it all: awakeawake
Soundtrack: CNN
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Since I've been awake since four-thirty and since marymarymaryk has this thing called "television":

  • Michelle Obama is gorgeous [/Captain Obvious]. And awww, schoolkids at the White House!

  • "Coming up: Mastering the Catwalk". Apparently Model Boot Camp is considered serious news by CNN.

  • FYI: Today is Day 31 of the Obama presidency. Because we need to keep track, and all.

  • Mary's TV has a serious aspect ratio issue. This doesn't seem to bother anyone but me.

  • Is "annualized" a word? *looks up* Hmm, so it is. I knew I sucked at economics.

  • To watch this TV I have to use three remotes: One for the channels, one for the volume/speakers, and one to turn the set on and off. Each of these have about a squillion buttons. WHY?

  • Okay, here's the Model Boot Camp newsflash: The key to walking in high heels is not falling. CNN brings teh Breaking News.

  • "Update: Drunk man run over by train awarded $2.3 million". Okay, so is the guy still drunk? The structure of this sentence seems to imply it.

  • "Update: Caylee files detail duct tape, Pooh blanket, car trunk". Is it just me, or is the morbid obsession Americans have with this story kinda really really disgusting?

  • This is the most I've heard the word "Canada" mentioned on American television during a newscast like ever. Also, newsflash: Ottawa is Canada's capital. Good to know.

  • "Coming Up: When Women Rob Banks". I guess it's closer to actual news than the walking in high heels thing.

  • Ann Coulter is going to be on Larry King tonight. Why oh why do they keep letting her talk? (note to peacey: I know, it's because she brings teh ratings. I'm being rhetorical here. *g*). Sad thing is? I want to watch it.

  • "Update: Swiss bank aided U.S. tax evaders". They're just figuring this stuff out? I thought tax evasion was the point of having a Swiss bank account.

  • The NY Post chimp cartoon seems racist to me, too, but I believe the creator when he says it wasn't his intent.

  • "Update: Netanyahu gets the edge on becoming Prime Minister". Oh, dear. But hmm, it's a coalition. Better.

  • The blurb "Obama's First Overseas Trip" that's been flashing on the screen intermittently has suddenly changed to "Obama's First International Trip". Apparently someone at CNN finally figured out that, duh, the President won't be crossing any seas on his way to Ottawa.

  • An entire piece on how the President holds his pen. I. Can't. Even.

  • They just showed a GTO in a piece about muscle cars. *fangirlish squee*

  • "Study: Kids with excema more likely to have ADHD". Well.

  • If John Roberts isn't Canadian I'll eat my nonexistent hat. *looks up* HA. *wins*. He's really giving the Generic American News Guy Accent the old college try, though.

  • I'm worried about the Iraqi shoe thrower. He's already had icky stuff happen and it probably won't get any better. I hope he figures out a way to defect to North America. Over here he's likely to get a medal pinned on him.

  • Last week's meteor in Texas wasn't Lance Armstrong's bike. I'm relieved.

  • Now that I think about it, "Lance Armstrong" sounds like a fake name. Maybe his mother wrote bodice-rippers for a living.

  • CNN clearly has no real footage of Canada. They're (sort of) talking about Canadian economics (for about fifteen seconds) over footage of the White House and a Marriot with giant US flags outside of it.

  • Roland Burris says he's the "Real Roland". I don't really need to explain why this amuses me, right?

Okay, I'm gonna be done now. I got up way too early.

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