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try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

A bunch of live performances I wish I could have seen, erm. Live:

  • U2 at Obama's inauguration concert, January, 2009:

  • The Tragically Hip at the PinkPop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands, June 5, 1995. Guh? Guh.:

  • Thomas Dolby and Natalie MacMaster, Ted Talks, Monterey, CA, 2002:

    This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, full stop.

    Basically Thomas wrote it about Natalie's ancestors who came to the New World after being forced from their home during the Clearances. Lyrics and history (and it's actual History) behind the song are at Thomas's Blog. Well worth a look.

  • Nirvana, unplugged in New York, 1993:

  • Neil Young with about a zillion of his countrymen, Live 8, Jul 2, 2005, Park Place, Barrie, Ontario. asdlfadshadsf:

  • Elton John, BBC Studios, 1971:

  • Jimmy Rankin, Savoy Theatre, Glace Bay, N.S. November 30th,2007:


  • Paul Simon and Miriam Makeba, Harare, Zimbabwe, 1987:

  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Paul Simon, Harare, Zimbabwe, 1987 (same concert as above--actually, I'd like to have been at this entire concert):

  • George Harrison, Concert for Bangladesh, Madison Square Garden, New York, 1971:

  • Johnny Cash, San Quentin prison, January 13, 1968:

    ...and okay, I don't really wish I'd been at that last one, because then I'd have been a PRISON INMATE, and all. But erm. Maybe as an invisible person.

These take way too much time for one sitting, but really, try to watch some of them, because OMG.
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